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Apple Pencil Support Coming To 2018 iPhone Models With New Storage Option And A $699 Starting Price

Apple is set to launch its 2018 iPhone models next month at some point. While the iPhones will not be the sole products to be announced, we’re also expecting the refreshed Apple Watch and more. However, the iPhone will still be the shiny new toy that everyone wants to see. The devices are on the verge of being announced and yet, hot leaks keep pouring in. It has been reported now that the 2018 iPhone, specifically the OLED models will feature support for the Apple Pencil. There’s also other major news which we will talk about later in the post.

The iPhone X was the first smartphone to have touched the $1000 mark in terms of price. As it seems, while the demand could have potentially more than what it is, the company’s decision did pan out to some extent. Apple has incorporated several goodies and adopted a new design language which allowed it to enhance its average selling point. But the real question is, where is Apple aiming towards and what is the future of prices for Apple products?

Report Suggests Apple Pencil Support On 2018 iPhone With OLED Display And Much More

While it’s your call whether you want to buy the device or not, but the upcoming iPhone X models are going to be quite interesting. As we have mentioned earlier, Apple is expected to add support for the Apple Pencil in the upcoming 2018 iPhone models with OLED displays. This is something which has been in the news for quite some time. However, the Apple Pencil might be of little use on the iPhone as it features a smaller display compared to the iPad Pro. Nonetheless, it would definitely be a welcome addition.

Other than Apple Pencil support on the 2018 iPhone models with OLED panels, there’s also word from TrendForce regarding the new storage option. The OLED models of the 2018 iPhone will feature a new storage option with up to 512 GB. This means we will have three storage variants of the OLED iPhone. For the 6.1-inch LCD model of the iPhone, we will allegedly get two variants, 64 and 256 GB. The LCD version will equip 3 GB of RAm and the OLED variants will feature 4 GB. Moreover, the said devices will be priced accordingly.

Lastly, as indicated by TrendForce, the LCD model of the iPhone will be priced at $699 to $749. Other than this, some analysts have also suggested that the device could be as low as $600, so that’s a plus for all of us. As for the OLED version of the iPhone, they will start at $899 to $949. The prices will be lower thanks to lower component pricing.

What do you think? Willing to get one for yourself?

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