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2019 iPhone Models To Feature Triple-Lens Camera Capable Of 3x Optical Zoom And 3D Sensing

The iPhone 7 Plus was Apple’s very first smartphone to feature a dual lens camera setup. Moreover, it was the first phone in the entire industry to feature portrait mode which carried forward to Android. However, Huawei’s P20 Pro is the world’s first smartphone to feature a triple lens camera setup. Now, it seems the 2019 iPhone models will feature the technology and will add more feature to it.

According to the latest rumor, Apple’s 2019 iPhone models will feature a triple lens camera module with advanced capabilities. These capabilities include 3x optical zoom and 3D sensing technology. At this current point in time, the iPhone supports up to 2x optical zoom so the 2019 variants will be a step up. So what about the 3D sensing technology and how will Apple implement it?

Apple To Feature Triple Lens Camera In 2019 iPhone Models For Advanced Tricks And Features

According to the research note from Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu via Economic News Daily, the triple lens camera will feature advance 3D sensing technology which will take place via stereoscopic vision. However, do take note that the iPhone X also features 3D sensing capabilities and the upcoming model will also carry and forward AR scenarios.

Apple’s ARKit was released last year alongside the launch of iOS 11 and it opened new possibilities and opportunities for developers to take advantage of. Developers have been creating AR centric apps to work on both iPhone models as well as iPads. The 2019 iPhone models will feature a gigantic leap forward in terms of artificial intelligence. This is due to the fact the Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO is highly interested in the platform and deems to believe that it is capable of achieving more than just standard stuff.

As we have mentioned earlier, the 2019 iPhone models will feature 3x optical zoom. However, this aspect of an extra camera module was also achieved by Huawei’s P20 Pro. So Apple will not be the one to ignite the trend. However, with adequate implementation and software optimizations, Apple could be the first to properly make use of it.

There are quite a handful of other smartphones that feature 2x optical zoom, which includes the Galaxy S9+ from Samsung, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and more. However, be advised that there is quite a bit of gap between today’s rumor and the official release of the 2019 iPhone, so it could potentially remain on the wishlist unless Apple decides to add it.

What do you think of the 2019 iPhone model with triple lens camera setup?

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