5 Free video streaming proxy sites for fast browsing

Internet censorship is on the rise globally, and you’ll often come across sites that may have been blocked by the country’s internet services provider (ISP). It is now common that many sites have been blocked due to political, military and who knows some religious beliefs or might also be called ethical.

To be honest, no doubt Internet has more benefits, and it has revolutionized the way we live our life and access to the vast amount of knowledge just like the Wikipedia where you can learn and research about any topic you can think. YouTube a video content site, has almost videos on any topic you can think of; whether it is lectures, tutorials, and reviews.

But it has some cons also…

I have been to school and college myself, and I have seen the use of internet on the worst. Many students using it for gaming, watch porn or waste time on social media sites instead of using it for study. Teachers, on the other hand, have no way but to block access to such sites using the server. I remember at that we were even unable to load images!

But who can stop you… when you’ve around 101 ways to unlock and access to every site on the web. Who told you that you cannot access a particular site because the government, ISP, school or college has blocked it.

If in case you’re using a smartphone you can read our complete post on setting up on VPN for Android to access streaming sites. You may also checkout proxy sites for school.


Hide My Ass

One of the best and oldest web proxies provider on the internet. It is famous for anonymous viewing and video streaming. Perfectly works with YouTube and other websites.

They provide both free and paid subscriptions. For the basic use, you can use their free web proxy service over here.

Jet Proxy

Claims to be the free fastest proxy service on the planet. I personally have used this service while writing this post, and I was satisfied with the quality of service and options provide for safe browsing like URL encryption, allow cookies and remove scripts, etc.

You can start anonymous web browsing using Jet proxy server over here.

Free Open Proxy

This service is committed to providing you the best bullet-speed proxy service while keeping your privacy and hiding your IPaddress from any malicious attacks. Using the service you can easily unblock youtube, facebook, and access any social media or live streaming sites.

Here is the link to access the site.


It is another free proxy site for live video streaming and web browsing. They have deployed CGI proxy that makes it difficult for the filters to detect and block the website IP addresses to be able to access from anywhere in the world.

You can visit and use Ninjabrowse here.


That’s it; I know there are other several streaming proxy servers both paid and free. Since our focus was on free and I have included only the free one, and hopefully in the future, I will come with the some paid services as well. You should know that these video proxy server sites have limited bandwidth and can’t be used for unlimited.

You should know that these video proxy server sites have limited bandwidth and can’t be used for unlimited. You can find more sites on the web and here I would mention another great service called Spotflux free VPN which is available for all platforms Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Visit here for spotflux download.

Don’t forget to share what you think are the best services you’ve used in the past?

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