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Apple’s Upcoming A12 Processor Reportedly Scores A Massive 350K On Antutu And T-Rex Off The Charts

The new models of the iPhone are merely a few weeks away and there’s still a lot that we don’t know about the smartphones. What we do know is that there will be three models of the 2018 iPhone. While the successor to last year’s iPhone X will be the fully-featured versions, Apple also plans to launch a cheaper version of the device with a 6.1-inch display. In addition to this, the mighty 6.5-inch iPhone will be the most powerful one and it is also the most anticipated devices of this year. Now, we have got our hands on the performance scores of the A12 SoC which will be powering this year’s iPhones.

2018 iPhone Models Breaks Antutu Record With 350K Score As Per Details From The Credible Source

The alleged benchmarks that we have today indicates a massive jump in performance as well as graphics. According to the tipster Ice_Universe, the latest iPhone 12 housing the A12 processor has broken the Antutu record of a 300k score. According to the guy, the upcoming iPhone X(s) or iPhone X(s) Plus scored a massive 350,000 on Antutu. if you want to compare the performance of the device, the current iPhone X scored up to 230,000 on the same benchmarking platform.

The current iPhone X features an A11 bionic chip which is faster than any other smartphone on the market right now. Even the recently launched Galaxy Note 9 failed to beat the iPhone X in performance and this is with half as much as RAM on the iPhone X. With that said, this is a 50 percent increase in performance and the tipster also believes that the A12 processor enhances single threaded performance by 50 percent which keeps the power consumption to the same level.

As for 2018 iPhone’s GPU or graphics performance, the indications are quite strong. The tipster moves forward and makes the second claim, citing that the A12’s GPU scores a hefty 130fps in Manhattan and 254fps in T-Rex benchmarks. We also presume that the tests have been conducted in offscreen scenarios. This marks a 37 percent increase in GPU performance for the T-Rex benchmarks compared to the current iPhone X’s Aqq Bionic chip.

Since the tipster is quite credible for his past claims so presume the results to be true. However, do take it with a grain of salt as the final results rest with Apple. There are a lot of other features and additions and extensions coming with the 2018 iPhone, so do visit our website for more insights.

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