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Analyst Claims Apple To Launch Cheaper MacBook Air, 9.7-inch iPad and iPhone in 2018 – Take A Look At The Prices

While 2017 was the year of the all-screen design in the smartphone industry along with the removal of the headphone jack, there are several other aspects which might not be too pleasing to experience. Last year, we saw a jump in prices of smartphones and other gadgets. For instance, the iPhone X was priced a $999 for the base model and stretches to $1149 for the high-end model. The Galaxy Note 8 was priced more or less the same way as well and it raised eyebrows in the tech world. However, Apple might be working to change this.

Rumors suggest that Apple could possibly introduce a cheaper version of the MacBook Air, the new iPhone, iPad as well as the HomePod. According to a new report from WooView analyst Qiu Yubin which is an extension to KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo. He has provided a good estimate of the price tags for the 2018 MacBook, iPad and the HomePod. If it turns out the way it seems at this point, users will enjoy Apple quality products at a much affordable price.

Apple Will Launch Cheaper Version Of The MacBook Air, iPad, And iPhone This Year

According to Yubin, the 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD panel will start from $649 and will possibly end at $749. The iPhone is expected to launch in the September window and will cater the mid-range category of smartphones. In addition to this, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro model, which is also expected to feature Face ID will start at a price of $249 and end at $349. This is quite a low price compared to the $800 iPad we’re currently used to. Lastly, the MacBook Air with upgraded specs will start from $799 and reach a price of $899 for the high-end version.

The report is definitely pleasing to people who want to get into Apple’s ecosystem without hurting their wallet to the extreme. However, the prices listed are still quite a lot compared to what some other companies are offering. Nonetheless, it’s still a win for us if the prices are dropped to this end.

We’re seeing increased prices of products each year and it’s getting out of hands for some people. Apple needs to reduce its prices to increase market share and compete against many other competitors at the same time. We will tell you guys more about the pricing details of the upcoming Apple products so do visit our website for further details.

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