Apple To Forgo 3D Touch On Future iPhones Due To Lack Of Popularity And More

Apple introduced its 3D Touch feature years ago when it launched the iPhone 6s and its bigger variant, the iPhone 6s Plus. Since then, the feature has been made available on all iPhone models apart from the iPhone SE. Apple wanted to market the iPhone SE as a budget device, catering mid-range customers. Now, Apple might be looking into ditching the pressure-sensitive technology due to some reasons. Let’s put some light on it.

Apple Looking To Ditch 3D Touch On The Future Iterations Of The iPhone

There have been many rumors lurking in the rumor mill that Apple might ditch the 3D Touch functionality on the future iterations of iPhone. It was said that the rumored 6.1-inch iPhone will not include the 3D Touch feature. However,  it seems that the feature might be gone for good in the upcoming years as well.

So why is Apple looking into removing the feature? It turns out as per Analyst claims that Apple is going to forgo or abandon the technology as it is not as popular as the company thought it would be. According to Guo Ming-yang, it has been speculated that the company will ditch the 3D Touch feature on future iPhone models.

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Apart from Apple not getting the desired and expected results of the feature, several Android manufacturers have also regarded 3D Touch as an unimportant addition. It’s not that far from the truth because if you happen to have an iPhone that features the pressure sensing technology, you might have come across only a few times where you have actually used the technology. In addition to this, quite a vast numbers of apps are added to the App Store every day and not all of them have enabled the feature.

The Chinese media regards the 3D Touch technology on the iPhone as a tasteless feature. There are advantages for the company as well if it considers removing the feature for good. What you ask? Well for starters, the extra cost incurred to put the functionality working will be cut down. This will help the company incorporate maybe another yet equally utility feature.

However, there are mere rumors at this stage and only time will tell what the company has in store for users. What do you think about Apple’s plans to ditch the feature? Share your ideas in the comments down below so the whole community can benefit from it.


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