BenQ BL3201PH Review: The Best 4K Monitor for Photo & Video Editing

If you’re considering the BenQ BL3201PH monitor for your Photo and Video editing and confuse about making your buying decision. Then, don’t worry as you’re on the right page! Assuming you already have the passion and skills. I’d like to help you grab the best 4K monitor under a budget!

BenQ BL3201PH is a 32-inch LED monitor with 4K resolution on an IPS panel. We are talking about UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160. Filled with 20,000K: 1 dynamic contrast ratio for optimal color accuracy. Whereas, 100% sRBG ensures flicker-free display also because it only takes 4ms for each pixel to shift colors. And what’s even better than a 10-bit architecture on a Rec.709 UHD monitor?

It’s gonna pump colors @ 60Hz of refresh rate, which seems too good for 95% of Professionals at work or play. You shouldn’t even care about dimming lights around, it’s brightness goes up to 350 cd/m2. All those 1.07 billion colors look too natural as if they are real. The 178/178 wide viewing angle sums up that Your boss won’t see a blurred screen when standing right next to You.

Design & Features

It’s well equipped with all the essential ports You can think of! You’re gonna get a combination of standard Display 1.2 and mini Display port. Followed by 2 HDMI’s and 3 downstream USB 3.o ports. Whereas a USB 3.0 upstream and mini USB is all where porting ends. Isn’t that all just enough to daisy chain, adjoin multiple display devices once? So finally You won’t have to waste money on extra adapters anymore!

The best part is an OSD controller, right in front of You. So You won’t have to tilt the entire monitor to switch between different modes or change display settings. Isn’t that convenient? The OSD controller helps You switch between CAD/CAM, Animation, Blue Light modes. It can easily adapt to change with a click or two, whether it’s low light or You have a special CAD assignment. You won’t even need to adjust manually as Eye Protect feature can also do that for You.

As far as the looks are concerned, it’s an old school premium design. But the bezels are thin enough and anti-glare coating ensures color saturation in all surroundings. Whereas the stand is unique and we haven’t seen an OSD controller so rightly placed on a 4K monitor. We do have slim and classy competitors in the market, but they all cost way ahead with similar features. Making Benq BL3201PH a pure bargain!

Display & Performance

You’re gonna fall in love with perfect color accuracy on a 32-inch 4K panel. The bright and sharp pixels aren’t known to bleed or die with heavy usage. It’s been fairly tested and reviewed by professional buyers from around the globe. So You are well assured with ultra consistent quality from Benq.

While watching Captian America: The Winter Soldier on Blu-ray as a test, the CIE color alignment performed too well. Whereas the Grayscale performance was just moderate, which isn’t a big issue. The 178/178 wide viewing angles are perfect too, without any color shifts or loss of luminance observed.

Although You might end up with input lags while gaming @60Hz, that’s because it isn’t a 4K gaming monitor for sure. But that’s also because You don’t have a 4K gaming compatible card, so yeah! It won’t consume loads of power and will remain cool under a heavy workload. You can even turn it on for 24/7 and it’ll automatically turn off while you’re away.

Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 28.6 lbs without stand / 35.3 lbs with stand
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD): 25.1 x 29.1 x 9.1″ inches with stand / 17.2 x 29.1 x 9.1″ without stand
  • Screen size: 32 inches, measured diagonally
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Colors: 1.07 billion
  • Brightness: 350 cd/m2
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Response time: 4 milliseconds
  • Screen Lighting: LED
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • OS Compatibility: Windows
  • Connectivity Ports: 1 DisplayPort 1.2 port, 1 mini DisplayPort 1.2 port, 2 HDMI 1.4 ports, 3 USB 3.0 downstream ports, 1 USB 3.0 upstream port, 1 mini USB


  • Haven’t seen soo perfect color accuracy in mid ranged 4K monitors.
  • I can finally say goodbye to color bleeding and dead pixels.
  • More than essential display ports and connectivity options.
  • 3-Year of Warranty ensures my $700 investment!
  • Superb grayscale and gamma accuracy.
  • Sharp and bright 4K UHD experience.
  • Excellent build quality cosmetics.
  • Awesome OSD controller.
  • Too affordable!


  • The interpolation process isn’t perfect on lower HD resolutions.
  • Just average contrast ratio and I miss wide-gamut option too.
  • Requires a powerful GPU for optimal display performance.
  • Dark grayscale performance could be better.
  • No G-Sync or Free Sync support.
  • Odd port placement.

That’s it guys, let us know what you think about your experience with the monitor in the comment section.

The Best 4K Monitor for Video editors, producers, graphics artists and designers under budget
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Color Accuracy
  • Build Quality


Benq BL3021PH proved too good to be true. All the features and performance really amazed us, in fact, it's a perfect deal for graphics oriented users. Along with some extra I/O ports, it can be easily calibrated using the OSD controller.

The UHD imagery is crisp and clear enough to draw and edit with attention to detail. The anti-glare IPS panel ensures colors remain natural and protect eye strain under prolonged working hours.

The build-quality and 3-Year of Warranty are some other advantages and reasons to grab this deal. What's even better is that it's heavily discounted on Amazon right now. It used to be around $1,000 but You can get it shipped for around $700!

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