10 Best 4K Monitors 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Did you know that a 4K monitor has four times more pixels than an HD screen? Yes, you heard me right, a 4K display contains 3840×2160 pixels, whereas the conventional HD display had 1920×1080 pixels.

Pixel is a tiny little on-screen dot filled with color and light, from which an image is composed. Which means that a 4K frame contains four times the color and light than HD.

That is purely a significant difference because more pixels will compose sharper images. Sharper images are more engaging. More engagement means more productivity and entertainment all combined! And that’s all we need, don’t You?

As digital world has already been focusing on 4K content production and trust me, it’s all around us. Didn’t you witness 4K YouTube Videos yet? OR the Ultra HD Netflix? Have you tried your favorite 4K Games at 60Hz yet? Don’t ask me what it feels like to work and play on a 4K UHD monitor!

But there’s a serious problem! More pixels aren’t just enough as there can be other great reasons to look out on an HD screen. Fortunately, we have cooked a unique and detailed list of the best 4K computer monitors available to date.

We have carefully selected and made our list of best monitors after a lot of research based on demand and consumer engagement patterns. We have provided all the essential details to choose the best ultra widescreen display, high refresh rates of 144Hz and adaptive-sync screens that meet your desired UHD needs!

Best 4K Monitors Comparison:

Surely, these monitors are not for everyone as some of them carry a hefty price-tag.

With that said, one thing can be said for sure; these 4k displays are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 best 4k monitors you can buy today.

NameScreen Size (Inches)Max Resolution (Pixels)Contrast RatioResponse TimePrice
Dell P2715Q273840 x 21601000:19msCheck Price
Samsung U32D970Q 3231.53840 x 21601000:18msCheck Price
ASUS PA329Q 32 ProArt Monitor323840 x 21601000:15msCheck Price
Acer XB280HK bprz283840 x 21601000:11ms GTGCheck Price
Dell P2415Q243840 x 21601000:16 msCheck Price
BenQ BL3201PH IPS Monitor323840 x 21601000:14ms GTGCheck Price
ViewSonic XG2700-4K273840 x 21601000:15ms GTGCheck Price
Philips BDM4065UC403840 x 21605,000:13ms GTGCheck Price
LG 27UD68-P 4K UHD IPS Monitor273840 x 21601000:15msCheck Price
HP Spectre 4k Studio Display323840 x 2160
1000:15msCheck Price

1. Dell P2715Q – (Best 4k monitor under $500)

Dell P2715Q appears to be an old-school design but it is Dell’s top-end 4K display with a traditional plastic exterior, but the robust 27-inch display of 3840 x 2160 resolution filled with 1.07 billion colors and over 8 million pixels produces the finest onscreen details. This factory calibrated 4k beast offers 99% sRBG coverage for extraordinary wide viewing angles and insane color accuracy.

You won’t be needing extra cable connectors, as the P2715Q is well-equipped with 60Hz supported Display port, mini Display port, and HDMI. Capable of adjoining two monitors together with D-in & Dp-out ports, and we call it daisy-chaining. What’s better than a VESA mount stand on the best Dell 4k display? The P2715Q can not only be wall-mounted but is adjustable enough to sit or fit anywhere quite easily.

The Dell P2715Q 4K UHD monitor is one of the most highly compatible 4K display, whereas the optimal price tag of just $463.99 is quite affordable. You might plan to grab it for home as well as for professional use and won’t notice any screen lags which proves that it can be your gaming option. Whereas, the P2715Q is more of an editing, designing or media viewing HD display.


  • Excellent refresh rate and contrast ratio with fabulous color accuracy.
  • The aspect ratio of 16:9 is perfect for gaming and wide angle viewing.
  • Full port connectivity package support.
  • Easily adjustable VESA stand.
  • Powerful on-screen controls.


  • Might not work with some models of MacBook.
  • HDMI 1.4 doesn't support 4K at 60Hz.
  • Old-School physical buttons.
  • Scaling problems with SD or HD graphics.
  • Boring design without elegance.
  • Fewer image adjustment options.

2. Samsung U32D970Q 4K LCD Monitor

Samsung U32D970Q is a slim and elegant design polished by matte black or a dark silver premium color for professional content creators and designers. Whereas the 32 inches panel with 3840 x 2160 resolution is also protected by a matte finish for anti-glare assurance.

Factory calibrated U32D970Q visualizes immense color accuracy to be known as a designer’s monitor.

The 60 Hz refreshing of over 1 billion colors with multiple display port multiplies productivity with loads of creative possibilities.

Thin bezel produces a 3D effect enhancing great on-screen focus. You might feel great about the various port options, sufficient for all UHD needs. Whereas Samsung still relies on physical buttons, that we all love for better control.

The powerful specs and premium design prove Samsung U32D970Q to be the very first choice for any graphic and visual design professional. As the price tag of $1,828.59 might set us back, but it’s actually worth every penny of the quality and elegance.


  • Premium quality with an attractive and elegant design.
  • A variety of input options.
  • Excellent image quality with a massive 32-inch 4K display.
  • Optimal controls for calibration.


  • The 4K resolution on a 32-inch display isn't that sharp.
  • Medium contrast display quality.
  • It's quite expensive for most of the consumers.

3. ASUS 4K UHD IPS ProArt Monitor – Best for Graphics designers and Gaming

With great specs, comes greater responsibilities! Asus ProArt PA329Q is a professional-class monitor with a massive 32-inch display filled with some of the most wanted attentions to detail. The 16-bit color perfection with 99.5% Adobe RGB coverage and DCI-P3 color spectrum makes it stand out loud in the 4K monitor market. And Gamers do know what I’m talking about!

Asus ProArt is a yet another name of a premium built for people who can afford a bit hefty price tag of $1,469. It can redesign your perception of a standard monitor with multiple display port options and fully supported 60Hz refresh rate. The artistic control menu and buttons make it much more unique.

Asus ProArt PA329Q is truly the best 4K desktop monitor for home, office, and even outdoor uses. Let it be a gamer’s desk, designer’s place, and even an editor’s studio; Asus ProArt delivers colors and quality beyond imagination.


  • Outstanding color accuracy.
  • Superb brightness with excellent display quality.
  • Stylish and rugged build quality.
  • Extensive connectivity options.


  • Expensive
  • Lacks latest Sync Technologies.
  • Comparatively lower contrast ratio.
  • Poor Screen uniformity management.

4. Acer XB280HK – Ultra HD Monitor for Gaming

Acer XB280HK is a great 28inch 4K display bordered by glossy black bezel just like some flagship smartphones. The plastic exterior might not look premium, but it’s quite durable. Whereas the magical stand with flexible adjustability options makes it sit anywhere hassle free.

It’s powered by G-Sync technology to show you the real face of ultra high definition quality along with excellent performance. Although there is only a Display port 1.2 input option due to G-Sync and 4K combo, but it shouldn’t be a problem for focused work or gaming sessions.

The TN technology results in only 1ms refresh rate, which is the lowest of all the best 4K new monitors to date. Acer XB280HK is ideal for professional use, whereas gamers might need high-end Nvidia graphic cards for UHD gaming experience.

TN panels aren’t great at wide or side angle viewing as IPS panels are, but the optimal price tag of $700 makes it shout out loud in 4K hardware world.


  • G-Sync up to 60Hz with just 1ms response time.
  • Reliable and durable build quality.
  • Highly adjustable stand with VESA support.
  • Immense post-calibration image quality.
  • Very smooth game-play and 4K video playback support.


  • Only one display input port.
  • No wide viewing angle support as compared to IPS panels.
  • Monitor controls aren't placed well.
  • Low frame-rate settings might cause screen flickering.

5. Dell P2415Q – Cheap 4K Display for Your Budget

Dell P2415Q is a smart 24-inch 4K solution with so much power to brighten your digital world in no time. Don’t underestimate it’s old-school design, as the list of its extensive features is smart and steady.

Let’s not forget about Dell’s insane level of color accuracy, wide viewing angles, and the high-end image quality. The best part is Dell P2415Q can support to 1080p resolution, which means more and more devices are compatible to work with it efficiently.

Some Macbook owners reported 4K compatibility issues, and it’s like Dell heard them well enough. Its stand can be adjusted according to your needs, and there are enough ports to fill all your 4K desires. The Dell P2415Q is one of the most right sized monitors for many, and it can be fixed easily anywhere you like.

The price tag of $370 makes it the most affordable in the market. Coming towards potential users who would love to have something like Dell P2415Q, it’s simply the high-end monitor for home, office use, or even for gaming.


  • Pleasing static contrast and uniformity performance.
  • Well, balanced pixel responsiveness at 60Hz.
  • Standard calibration is absolutely accurate.
  • Unique size to fit different consumer requirements.


  • IPS glow observed by some users.
  • The 6ms refresh rate might be low for some power gamers.
  • Lower application support for resolution comparatively.

6. BenQ 32-Inch IPS 4K UHD LED Monitor

BenQ BL3201PH is a sophisticated 4K display with 32-inch mighty screen size. 4K on a large screen performs too good without scaling problems for many third party applications. It o also offers great color accuracy with maximum performance and crispy display quality.

You can easily differentiate between the blackest black and whitest white colors actualization produced by its dynamic contrast ratio. Whereas the 100% sRBG promises flicker-free display to minimize eye strain and let you work productively for longer periods of time.

BenQ BL3201PH is well equipped with enough ports, nice n strong stand, and sensors to adjust itself to the surroundings. It all sums in with a noticeable price tag of $791, and trust me this one’s worth every single penny!

Although it’s more of a professional-grade UHD monitor but its ease of use makes it steady for home use as well. Whereas the price tag and specs are no less to buy it for special Auto-CAD or Animation purposes.

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  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • In-depth image quality and adjusting controls.
  • Sharp and ultra consistent color accuracy.
  • Affordable for the mighty 32-inch size.
  • Highly adjustable stand for a big size monitor.


  • Mediocre contrast and gamma due to 4K pixels spread on the larger screen.
  • Ports aren't placed at right positions.
  • The design could have been better.

7. ViewSonic 27-inch 4K IPS FreeSync Gaming Monitor

ViewSonic XG2700 is an awesomely sleek and stylish 27-inch monitor with outstanding features. The IPS 4K beast offers FreeSync technology for AMD powered devices to light up your digital world with over 1 billion colors. Where Nvidia owners will have to migrate to an AMD graphics card for maximizing XG2700’s performance.

There are multiple ports for multi-picture viewing at once, which is true love. It’s factory calibrated to optimal image stabilization settings and delivers UHD gaming experience. The stand is yet so flexible to adjust the way you want it.

ViewSonic XG2700 is the best 4K gaming monitor, with a very affordable price tag of just $509. It can also be utilized for editing, designing, or even watching 4K movies at home.


  • Perfect accuracy without calibration.
  • Natural contrast and image clarity.
  • The Free-sync feature is a dream come true for AMD users.
  • Stylish yet premium design.


  • The refresh limit for Free-sync is 40Hz.
  • Comparatively less bright.
  • Might not scale lower resolutions.

8. Philips 40-inch 4K UHD Monitor

The Philips Brilliance BDM4065UC is a giga-sized 40-inch large 4K display powered by VA-IPS technology. It seems more like a TV, but remember that 4K pixels perform way better on large screens. The color quality is no doubt classical with other impressive contrast to produce visually bright and vivid images.

Philips SmartImage seems more like an OS, which is not only very user-friendly but having a variety of modes for different uses. You can even stream media using the MHL connection right from your smartphone, to enjoy HD videos with extreme digital sound quality.

The price tag of $748 is just reasonable for the variety of features this 40-inch high-end 4K display endures. There’s nothing wrong with calling it a professional-grade as its very suitable for viewing and working with large digital files. Let it be CAD, 3D design, watching movies and anything that required a large UHD workspace monitor.


  • Perfect for gaming, designing, and watching 4K movies.
  • Superb image quality and graphical stabilization.
  • Very sensible pixel density.
  • Sleek and stylish design.


  • Too big for most of us and will require a lot of desk space.
  • Color temperature remains consistently cool.
  • Lack of stand adjustment options.

9. LG 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS FreeSync Monitor

The LG 27UD68 is one of the sexiest bezel-free 27-inch 4K monitor available in the market. It’s well equipped with advanced color perfections and in-depth sharpness for stylish gaming, cinematic movie sessions or even using the professional software at work. It features AMD FreeSync technology to handle high-end graphics, which means no more lags with maximum performance.

LG also ensured the best user interaction features in LG 27UD68 4K display monitor by offering a very rare combo of 60Hz supported dual HMI 2.0 ports and a Displayport 1.2. Making it a plug & play 4K display compatible with nearly any 4K display stream. Whereas the on-screen monitor tweaking options can easily be controlled using a mouse.

All in all LG 27UD68 is a must have for gaming and professional needs. The price tag of just $449 is yet another great reason to instantly grab it, comparing other flagship 4K display options.


  • AMD Free Sync a must-have for all power gamers.
  • Amazing IPS wide viewing angles.
  • Close to natural color accuracy reproduction with a brilliant display.
  • Unique display port combination.
  • Stunning Bezel-Free outlook.


  • Quite limited stand adjust-ability options.
  • Lacks a USB port.
  • The anti-glare screen might be annoying for some users.

10. HP Spectre 32-inch 4K Studio Monitor

HP Spectre 32-inch is a very sleek and thin 4K monitor solution with crazy specifications. The picture quality is ultra-vivid and extremely colorful with extra wide angle viewing options. The multiple ports set up is yet another significant aspect of connecting nearly any 4K device instantly.

HP made it withstand heavy workloads, let it be gaming or using animation and 3D applications. It’s best suited for anyone looking for a flagship monitor with most wanted features. The price tag of $845 is nominal for those who are loyal to HP’s digital display technologies.


  • Multi up-scaling options from various resolutions.
  • Comparatively lightweight considering the mighty display size.
  • Easy VESA mounts compatible.
  • Easy Remote control to manage from a distance.


  • A slight design issue related to quality control.
  • Built-in 6 watt speakers might not be liked by many.
  • Slight light bleeds observed by some users.

Did You know that the average blink of an eyelid takes 250 to 350ms? Did You also know that the average refresh rate (blink) for a 4K display is 4ms?

That’s a huge difference, but have You already selected one of the best 4K PC display? Please do let us know about it in the comments below!

And hey if You aren’t satisfied with our mighty list of must-have 4K monitors yet? Don’t just go away, do let us know what we missed in the comments below!

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