The all time best App Lockers for Android

best applockers for android

How do you feel when your mom takes your smartphone to make a call? Or your friend is playing a game on your most personal gadget? Or your girlfriend loves to capture selfies from your mobile cam?

Well in all the above cases, it’s quite normal to feel worried about your personal stuff. As your mom might spy on your browser history, your friend might extract numbers and what’s worse than your girlfriend digging your Whatsapp chats! Again, this is all normal and people love to spy on their loved ones, and they won’t change easily. But we can make a change in our Android smartphone to prevent any misuse. We can hide or lock android apps so that no one but only we can access them over time.

Google Play Store is filled with hundreds of locker apps, but we reviewed and selected the best ones. The following apps are promisingly great to prevent any smartphone misuse. Although these locker apps are free of bloatware and malware. Some of them might offer extra features for better Android privacy.

1. AppLock by DoMobile Lab:

best app lockers for android

AppLock by DoMobile Lab is one of the best yet widely trusted Android app locker. With over 200Million active users around the globe and supports more than 24 languages. It’s has been the most favorite locker app for Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and other flagship devices. From the most basic to the latest Android nougat 7.0, AppLock is nicely compatible with nearly any Android version.

It’s minimal yet interactive user interface is stunning and offers powerful features to secure Android apps. The developer support is quite efficient, and you will get every latest app lock feature in no time. Where some of the most exciting features are as follows,

  • AppLocker (Pattern, Password, FingerPrint).
  • Lock & Hide Media, Apps, Settings, Calls and more.
  • Auto Lock using Time & Location.
  • Minimal battery usage with maximum protection,
  • Uninstall protection.
  • Customized themes and lock screen settings.

App Lock by KeepSafe:

best app lockers for android

KeepSafe is an authority developer trusted globally for app security and privacy software. It is a very professional locker app for Android with minimal size and ram consumption. This app by keep safe simply does what it promises, and that’s why it’s active on millions of Android devices. You can password protect nearly any app with a secure pattern, passcode, or even fingerprint lock.

It supports more than ten languages and will work on any Android version from 4.0 up to Android Nougat 7.0. The solid primary features are good enough to prevent your personal apps from intruders,

  • Lock (Emails, Calls, Apps, Media, Settings)
  • Pattern, Fingerprint, password, Gestures, Pin
  • Uninstall protection.
  • Intelligent & Secure app infrastructure.

Hexlock App Lock by Liquidum Limited:

best app lockers for android

Hexlock is a top developer and editor’s choice on Google Play. It offers a unique profile feature for locational app privacy that varies from place to place. It’s a very professional app locker for android with many unique features. Hexlock is a complete secondary privacy solution for any smartphone. You won’t be needing additional apps to secure your data, as Hexlock ships with the following features,

  • Auto Lock on Location and Network Profiles.
  • Media Vault to Hide Photos, Videos, & Private Data.
  • Set Parental Controls.
  • Set Pin, Pattern or Password lock.

CM Locker by Cheetah Mobile:

best app lockers for android

CM App Locker is a multi-functional app for Android. From basic app locking to an instant speed booster, CM Locker offers many different features related to Android privacy. With a 4.6 Google Play rating and very trusted yet professional interface makes it worth installing. You can secure entire Android device with just this app. There won’t be any need of other security apps, and you will get used to it in no time. It offers beautiful themes and HD wallpapers along with many other great features,

  • Pin, Password, Pattern and even Fingerprint Lock Support.
  • Lock nearly any app.
  • Intruder Selfie Capture.
  • Anti-Theft Protection.
  • Customizations and Personalizations support.
  • Android Booster & Battery Saver included.

Leo Privacy AppLock by LeoMaster:

best app lockers for android

Leo privacy is again a full fledge android app locker with additional features. It’s smooth interface, and solid security is what makes it stand out loud. The developer authority is also the reason why Leomaster apps are used widely. So, from basic app locking to a high-end safe vault, Leo privacy can be trusted all the time. Regardless of Android version or mobile manufacturer, Leo app is compatible with all.

Let’s have a glance at the mighty list of Leo Privacy features,

  • Lock nearly anything (Media, Settings, Apps, and more)
  • Anti-Theft & find lost android devices.
  • Lock with pin, fingerprint, password locks.
  • Android booster with task killer & junk cleaner.
  • Quick-charge settings & more.

Millions of Android users are using & loving these apps across the globe. Don’t forget to share your favorite apps with us in the comment section below? 

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