Best Armbands for Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7

The Samsung Galaxy phones come with a vast assortment of accessories, none more impressive than the armbands. Armbands allow for the user to enjoy physical activity such as running, weight lifting, and running simple errands all while wearing the device on the arm for convenience.

We have studied and sampled some of the best Samsung Galaxy armbands available for the S4, S5, and S6 and have made it easy for you to decide which one would benefit you. Let’s start with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Armband.

First up is the Belkin Thin Fit Armband for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Belkin Slim-Fit Armband for Samsung Galaxy S4

This armband keeps your Samsung Galaxy S 4  safely secured to your arm during your workout with a case that features a flexible strap for a custom fit. An incorporated pocket gives a  spot to store a key as well.

 Item Features:

  • Intended for use with Samsung Galaxy S 4
  • Listen to music and accept calls amid your walk or run.
  • Stretchy, neoprene material
  • Offers a breathable, configuration, while plastic material shields your telephone against harm. Lightweight outline empowers simple movability.
  • Thin, perfectly sized style
  • Lightweight.
  • Movable strap
  • Makes it simple to fix and slacken the armband to guarantee secure connection to your arm.
  • Key pocket
  • Gives a spot to store your key during your workout.
  • Earphone pocket
  • Lets you conveniently store your earphones to avoid tangling.
  • Clear screen
  • Shields your phone.
  • Play-through configuration
  • color

Our runner up is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Shocksock Reflective Sports Armband

This lightweight  Slim-Fit Armband secures your Samsung Galaxy S4 while you’re working out or doing any activity in which you would want to just put it in your pocket. The thin armband stays out of your way and remains safely around your arm so you can concentrate on your workout, not your phone.

There are two reasons why we outlined the Slim-Fit Armband. One, it’s less demanding to change the fit; and two, It’s less likely to pinch the skin, so your skin won’t get squeezed or aggravated.

Item Features:

  • Decent profile outline
  • Machine launderable, one-size-fits-all strap
  • Quality fit, styling and device safety.
  • Various type of colors

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Armband is another popular phone that has a variety of armbands used for workouts and everyday use. Here are the top two we tested out.

Limm Sport Armband for Galaxy S5

Limm Sport and Running Armband for Samsung Galaxy s5

Completely adjustable armband allows you to appreciate all your gadget’s components (good with Samsung S5 ) while keeping it secure, safe and open during a run, workout or different activities.

Item Features include:

  • Access all your phone components
  • Insert and remove the headphones quickly and efficiently.
  • Elastic Velcro strap stays firmly and safely connected to your arm
  • Lycar and Neoprene case is exceptionally lightweight and breathable
  • Protection against sweating and also light rain
  • Front/back screen defenders
  • Key holder
  • Hand-launderable

Our runner up for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Armband is the Kobert Sports Fitness Exercise Armband.

Kobert Exercise Armband keeps your phone securely at all times with a little style to boot. With this armband, you can listen to music or keep your phone with you while you are doing anything and easily have the phone at your disposal.

Kobert Sports Fitness Exercise Armband for Galaxy S5

Some Features are:

  • Stay in contact while you work out
  • Easily accessible
  • Ful usefulness through it’s clear, strong plastic defender
  • Most advanced smartphones fit in the adaptable pocket
  • Protect your phone from scratches
  • Easy to keep up, hand launderable, quick drying

Our choices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Armband was a tough one. With so many of them available choosing which one is best for you and your needs can be a daunting task, although many are available these are our choices for the best Samsung Galaxy S6 armband.

MoKo Sports Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge

MoKo Sports Armband for Samsung Galaxy S6

This particular armband comes in 8 different color choices, these armbands provide so many different colors that it is possible to have a different one for each workout day. An intelligent strip keeps you noticeable when running, strolling, or cycling in low-light conditions. Other advantages include a key holder and a lifetime guarantee. This case is water-safe and sweat-proof, which shields your new telephone from your sweat.


  • Key pocket
  • Numerous colour alternatives
  • Flexible to fit most men and ladies
  • Intelligent strip


  • No holes in armband to help with breathability
  • May not fit over some arms.
  • Some S6 Edge clients have found the case is too tight for their phone


Our runner up was a close one, with over 12 armbands either researched or personally tested we have decided on the Gear Beast Deluxe Sports Armband for S7 & S7 Edge.

Gear Beast Deluxe Sports Armband for S7 & S7 Edge

Like the MoKo armband, this S7 case from Gear Beast boasts a lifetime guarantee, which is a genuinely sweet arrangement, considering you’ll presumably just keep your phone for a couple of years at most before getting the next best model. This case is available in seven distinctive colors, and will likewise fit an iPhone 6 or other Android gadgets. That makes this a decent shared armband for your friends who don’t have a Galaxy S7.

Do note, however, that despite the fact that this case will fit an assortment of smartphones it likely does not have the tight space to house your S6 in a hard defensive case. You should remove the hard case before putting your phone in this armband. Then again, this case has “comfort channeling” on the outside edges to allow a greater defense for times of wear.


  • Perfect with Gear Beast armband extender, making this ideal for exceptionally solid or overweight individuals with arm size of more than 16 inches
  • Keyholder
  • Fits numerous phones
  • Various Colors
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Water-safe, not waterproof
  • Not a solid fit for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


So whether you’re running, lifting weights, or just running errands and want a secure spot for your phone, there are plenty to choose from. With a style to meet everyone’s individuality and personality you can’t possibly choose wrong.

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