Best Car Speakers Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a rock lover or you prefer to calm your nerves with bass, it is mandatory to have good car speakers. You drive several miles, don’t you think that there should be a very decent set of speakers to make your journey enjoyable and lively?

Before making our list of top-rated car speakers, we did several hours of research so that you buy speakers for your car that are worth your money.

Well, the price factor is not quite overwhelming because most of the speakers fall within a very reasonable budget.

However, here a few considerable things before you buy speakers for your car:

  • Sensitivity
  • Power handling/consumption (efficiency)
  • Range
  • Woofer, Tweeter, and surrounding material
  • Size

Best Car Speakers Reviews 2021

Company-fitted speakers often need an upgrade. Comparing all these factors and a variety of others, I have crafted a list of top 10 car speakers to glorify your musical journey while you are on the move.

1. The Spirit of Rock n Roll: Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

These are quite reasonably sized full-range speakers with a perfect diameter (6.5 inches) and depth (2.5 inches). If you want to replace the company-fitted speakers, then it could be your best option. The price is very economical, and robust design with tweeter crossover and grille enhance its overall value.

It has a sensitivity of 91dB with a Power Handling capacity of at least 45W (expandable to 90W max). The surrounding material is made up of high-quality rubber, which further ‘polishes’ the sound quality and range before it finally mesmerizes your ears.

2. The Real Marine Champ: Infinity Reference 2-Way Marine Loudspeaker

If you are looking for heavy ‘gulps’ of music bulging down your ears, then these speakers are for you. They have a Peak Power Handling of 225 Watts and at 2.83V, offer a sheer sensitivity of 92dB. Yes, I know it would satisfy every penny you spend.

Talking about the dimensions and look, each speaker has a diameter of 6.5 inches and a grille at its front. Moreover, to increase its usability, the speakers come with moisture protection technology. Each is laced with corrosion-proof and stainless materials, making them perfect to be used in rainy seasons with your windows scrolled down as you enjoy the weather!

The speakers also have a woofer surround technology with a tendency to absorb any noise that may reach up to the cone edge and distort its musical efficiency. Furthermore, it is also treated with UV protection.

It has a maximum frequency response of 20KHz, mocking every sound as absolutely real!

On a final note, these marine speakers are one of the most admirable and durable speakers the automotive industry has ever seen.

3. Adrenaline Booster: Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coax Speakers

For bass lovers, nothing beats this speaker! The pair does not only come at a very wallet-friendly price but even if you look at the features and performance, you won’t be disappointed, whatsoever.

The exterior is very durable and unlike other speakers, is far away from any flimsiness. There are extended coils incorporated on each speaker, enabling the users to hear crystal clear sound with boosted range. The overall structure is quite ideal for bass, and apparently, the credit goes to its coils.

A lot of users spend bucks just to hear the perfect clarity in higher notes. But unfortunately, not all speakers accord with the standard of Kicker DS65. At a very standardized price, its titanium dome tweeters make every higher note crystal clear and crispy.

Just like any other good speaker, its surroundings are also UV treated and are rubbery to prevent any distortion. To enhance its performance, Kicker has not left any stone unturned, and that is why the speakers are embedded with heavy-duty motor.

4. Drop the Beat: BOSS Audio CH6930

Once again, as the name suggests, these speakers are ideal for bass and clarity in higher notes. Offering a Power Handling of 400 Watts with a conical depth of 9.3 inches, these speakers are quite admired by car lovers.

As soon as you replace the company-fitted speakers with these, you would hear the difference in no time. The surrounding is laced with fine quality rubber, which does not only enhance the life of the speakers but diminish the distortion and noise interference to a significant level.

These speakers come with a red conical interior which does not only make its appearance flashy but also enables the music to resonate with maximum thrust.

To make it an embodiment of spreading the music, BOSS has incorporated an aluminum coil. It ensures that the sound is richest as it reaches your ears and it also boosts up the efficiency of rubbery surroundings.

5. The Real Beast: JBL GTO609C

I love music, and personally, these are my favorite speakers if we talk about the external look and technology.

For every speaker to work optimally, its cone plays a pivotal role, and that is exactly where JBL GTO takes a prominent lead. Its cone is carbon-injected and is greater than almost any other speaker of this size and price range. It implies that the cone has ample room for air and can accommodate a very decent bass quality.

Higher notes never deteriorate in this speaker, and the credit goes to its ultimate tweeters, made up of a soft dome and oversized voice coil. As a result, heat dissipation is higher, and the Power Handling is one of the best to accommodate a freaking rich experience.

This is a 3-ohm speaker with significantly reduced impedance. Hence, your speakers never make that annoying buzzing sound, and each watt delivers an impeccable level of efficiency.

Whether you wish to embed the speakers inside your car doors, or you wish to mount them somewhere, the I-Mount system makes it possible, seamlessly.

6. The Canopy of Musical Pine: Alpine SPS-610C Type-S Speaker System

Alpine has been in business for quite some time now, but the S series is probably the best they have ever rolled out.

If you cannot afford an expensive speaker, then this could turn out to be the most valuable option for your car. It is specifically suitable for medium-range audio, but if you want to enjoy the luxury of high-frequency sound, just swivel mount the tweeters, and you are good to go.

It is a two-way type speaker having a diameter of 6.5 inches and an inch wide silk dome tweeter used for a wide range of purposes.

There is not much to complain about apart from the fact that the grilles are not sold in the package. You have to spend some extra bucks to get the luxury of protecting your speaker and adding more to its appearance.

7.   Absolute Musical Infinity: Infinity Kappa 60.11CS

This is one of the expensive speakers. However, the exterior and interior quality (including the features and audio output) justify the price very well. As usual, the diameter of the speaker is 6.5 inches, and the exterior is quite sleek and stylish (black and silver).

The Peak Power Handling is the highest we have seen on this list until now. On the one hand, it has the capability to handle an overwhelming 540 W of power, and on the other hand, the impedance is quite less (just 2 ohms). Both of these features combine to eradicate buzzing and enhance the audio output quality to its absolute level.

Another alluring feature is its frequency response. The maximum frequency range is 35,000 Hz which implies that whether you hear the bass or rock songs, you would get to experience the most real voices on audio technology.

Infinity has never disappointed its wide customer base regarding sensitivity and range. That is exactly what they have offered in Kappa 60.11CS.

8. The Ultimate Beast: Kenwood KFC-6965S

This speaker is a very decent compromise between technology upgrade and affordability. There is no need to worry about the quality. After all, Kenwood has never disappointed its customers. However, since the price is way less than its competitors, it lacks certain features. But whatever features it contains, all run very smoothly.

Well, even though the price is quite less, the Power Handling beats a lot of high-priced speakers, and this is a fascinating feature of this model. The type is three-way, and the Power Handling value is 400W.

Its woofer cone is made up of polypropylene, while the super tweeter is crafted from ceramic. Both of these are quite basic materials for the speakers, but they serve the purpose well.

9. The Rough Guy: Polk Audio DB691

Here comes the toughest guy on our list. Let’s talk about its durability first. The look is exotic as it comes in a sleek silver and black structure. But that is not the only thing. The grille is really attractive, and the diameter is laced with butyl rubber. All in all, it plays a significant role in enhancing its durability by protecting the speaker from sunlight and extreme temperatures. Moreover, it also plays a pivotal role in decreasing (and eliminating) the distortion caused by surrounding noise.

The tweeter is great for enhancing the range and playing good quality audio at higher frequencies. Polk has not compromised on the material for manufacturing these tweeters. Therefore, liquid-cooled silk polymer has been used with the backing of a neodymium magnet. Yeah, it’s great!

The sensitivity is 93dB, which is quite reasonable, but the impedance is slightly higher and goes up to 4 ohms per speaker.

10. The Heavier, the Better – Pioneer TS-A6996R

Five-way speaker under $100? Yes, here we are…

Nominally, the Power Handling is just 100W, but in exceptional cases, it has the tendency to go beyond your imagination with a superficial Power Handling of 650W. Be advised; this is the highest value on our list.

The cone is specifically designed with an aim to rock each corner of the vehicle with its robust sound. With this technology, the vibration of bass dispenses with absolute justice, and you are always on the liberty to enjoy a variety of audios on an array of frequencies.

Although the speaker is relatively heavier, the features outclass any other objection. For instance, the diaphragm is fully optimized all across the A series to increase the sensitivity, frequency, and responsiveness of the speakers.


Throughout the post, we have observed one thing – although the price factor cannot be ignored in any purchase, the case is slightly different in the case of car speakers.

For instance, if you are on a very low budget and you still want an array of decent features, then The Ultimate Beast Car spearkers: Kenwood KFC-6965S is an excellent choice. Even though it falls way below its competitors when we weigh it regarding price. But some of its features, particularly the Power Handling, thwarts a lot of speakers going above its market price.

However, if you are not concerned about the price factor and need a speaker with the utmost quality, sensitivity together with absolute efficiency, then JBL GTO609C and Infinity Kappa 60.11CS are probably your best options.

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