50 Best GBA Games of all time to try before YOU die

Did you know that Game Boy Advance has launched 25 years ago? Did you also know that over 120 Million consoles were sold so far?

Well, that’s all history, but even today GBA is yet one of the most demanded consoles, may be only due to the mighty list of 900+ games! GBA games have literally covered great categories for not only gamers, but it involved ordinary people to fall in love with it.

The secret was to cover every trending character like Mario or Spider-Man. But how do you judge which games are the best among all the released ones?

Don’t worry, because we have cooked a mighty list of all the most popular and highly demanded GBA games of all time. Our secret recipe was to statistically measure the sales, downloads, discussions, polls and even more tools to identify and present you the best GBA sequels free of cost.

But before going any further, let me advise the newbies to ensure that at least have anyone of the following requirements;

  • A GBA console,
  • A GBA emulator for Android
  • Or the GBA emulator for iOS (in case you own an Apple device)
  • Likewise, a decent emulator for Windows that can play GBA games smoothly.

Finally, all you need is to download the best GBA Roms free from the given links, followed by unzipping and transferring them to your desired console or smartphone. Find the Roms in your hand-held and trust me you are good to go!

1. Mario: Golf Advance Tour

Either you love golfing, or you don’t, and if you don’t I suggest you try out Mario Golf Advance Tour. It’s simply the best golfing game for GBA with extraordinary features and a variety of game modes to enjoy. And who doesn’t love Mario and his friends all together on a golf course? You will not only enjoy aiming the ball but be aware of getting addicted to this classic golfing ROM for GBA.

You can get it from Amazon using this link.

2. Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Being an Advance version of Donkey Kong, Mario has to face 100 levels of clever puzzles and obstacles. That way you will earn keys and get all the toys back from Donkey Kong. Filled with exciting animations and involving nature, you will love to play it night and day.

You can buy Mario Vs. Donkey from Amazon.

3. Mario Power Tennis

Imagine Mario with a power tennis racket driving action with slashes and backhands. With different stages and features to fall in love with it in no time, and that’s why Mario Power Tennis is obviously the best tennis game for GBA.

4. Super Mario Advance 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Super Mario is the best GBA game of all time, considering reviews, downloads, and discussions not only over the web but all around us. The basic rule is to defeat the evils by role-playing Mario and using different powers or weapons. Each version is packed with more features, missions, stories and are way better than the before. But I highly advise you to begin from Super Mario 1 to taste the intensity of the sequel!

5. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga

So, Mario Bros have to save the Princess from the evil forces, by putting more efforts than ever before. It’s a game of thrones kind of a sequel with literate dialogues and thrilling obstacles like to vanish the curse and save the kingdom. Bowser, the opponent is ready to fight, but are you?

6. Mario Kart Super Circuit

It’s surely the best GBA racing game with Mario and his friends karting down on more than 40 tracks. Where three hand elders can enjoy racing at a time, but watch out that nobody use cheats to kick you off the track.

7. Dr. Mario & Puzzle League

Dr. Mario has to diagnose infections and medicate to kill bacteria or viruses in a puzzled environment. The trick is to match at least three pills with the same color to blow infections out and win the most demanded GBA puzzle game of its time.

8. Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land / Amazing Mirror

Kirby is a very popular role-playing game for GBA with assumptions to rescue Kirby from its own imaginative trap. You will need to have cognitive ability to find Dedede in the Nightmare of Dream Land, whereas try calling your mates to get out of the Amazing Mirror trap.

9. Car Battler Joe

A full fledge RPG style game with warfare cars full of weapons to shout out loud in the battlefield. It’s known as an ancestor to the modern warfare games, whereas the intensity of Car Bottler Joe made it worth including in the list of best GBA games of all time.

10. Wario Ware Twisted

Wario Ware Twisted introduced a very new concept of the gyroscopic sensor in the cartridge, accepting movements as gestures to control this mighty action game. It was a dream come true in the classic age to be able to play many sequels and even Super Mario Bros with gestures. Try this out to learn how and where innovation leaped up to date.

11. Advance Wars

Advance Wars is proudly known as the best hardcore military strategy simulation GBA game of all time. Beginning from making and shaping up the army and applying a strategic action to the battlefield. The graphics were insane of its time and yet the features have a touch of future warfare. But remember once you begin, you might not want to leave until you feel like a King.

12. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis

Think about a military story based game with action and war involved. This is one of the most played GBA games and classic fans still have it on their must-have list. The ideas and deep concentration levels made it addictive and proved that even GBA Roms can make you a critical thinker.

13. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

This one’s the father of Farmville, where you have to take good care of your farm to earn rewards. Let it be breeding, harvesting of watering the plants timely to complete missions. It’s fun with a traditional storyline where friends visit your farms, and you have to be energetic all the time.

14. Golden Sun: Lost Age / Dark Dawn

Looking for the best RPG for GBA? Trust me and the statistics, this is the one! Both the Lost Age and Dark Dawn deal with high-quality graphical puzzles to emerge Djinn characters. The realistic environmental missions and battles will prepare you to deal with real life situations much better. The fiction is presented with a great touch of reality to grab it instantly.

15. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Think of an old-school version of DOTA, Final Fantasy is one of the best RPG games for GBA. With rigorous combat styles and insane puzzles full of magical spells or even deadly swords. All you need is a team of heroes to defend and win multiple battles.

16. Mega Man Zero 4

Mega Man Zero is a unique side-scrolling action game, where Zero has to fight against Neo Arcadia. There are some weapons to dash or slash the enemies counting to more than 40 in all the 16 levels of game-play.

17. Tony Hawks Pro Skater

The only skating action game with a valuable respect in hand-held gaming. You will observe the near reality graphical skating action and can perform the wildest stunts on GBA or even other consoles. There isn’t much to detail about it, but it’s fun, adventurous and thrilling.

18. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones / Sealed Sword

Fire Emblem is a very well-known deep strategy tactical RPG game. With a team of heroes and a grid or term based combat session to fight and defeat your enemies. The story is to fall in love with whereas the action is insanely full of graphical effects.

19. Astro Boy Omega Factor

A classic side-scrolling GBA game with robotic Astro icon boy, who can fly and visualize his master’s stolen money by a unique X-Ray vision. There are 10 levels of action and adventure to punch and defeat the enemies with pure classical game-play environment.

20. Pokémon: Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald / Fire Red / Leaf Green

Pokémon sequels for GBA are literally the most played games of all time, the basic idea is to catch, train and fight with enemies. But there’s a difference of objectives, missions, battles and some Pokémon characters. The idea is to try out every version as you will not only learn but can trade characters from other versions. Where some versions like Fire Red and Leaf Green offer better graphics. I’ve always witnessed every version on a Pokémon lover’s handheld.

Start up from Pokémon Ruby, and you will definitely go way up to Leaf Green for sure!

21. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow/ Harmony of Dissonance / Circle of Moon

Castlevania gained popularity due to its hard role playing genre. The missions to hunt for demons and absorb their energies was a tough job for many. But the soundtrack and graphics made it possible to be a well-known GBA Rom. All three versions continued to get better with more horrifying spells and aimed to nail more adventure and mystery in the GBA world.

22. Metroid: Fusion / Zero Mission

An action shooter game that is short yet full of surprises. The roleplay of iconic Samus has to save the world from space pirates aka aliens. From puzzles to battles the evil has to be wiped out for the sake of Earth. The graphics seem great whereas the weapons and armor suit will help Samus to complete a great story in no time. Both the versions are must-have GBA games, where Fusion is way better than Zero Mission.

23. Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap / Link to the Past

Legend of Zelda sums up one of the best action-adventure RPG games for GBA. From a valuable storyline to the immense power play, both versions of the sequel are simply fantastic. Either you are to protect the kingdom backed by Minish Cap, or you are to a combat of opponents ready to defeat you in Link to the Past.

24. Ninja Five-O

Looking for an insane action platformer with a Ninja who’s also a cop? Try out Ninja five-O armed with powerful magical weapons to fight the bad guys. It’s a short GBA gig with 6 stages of bad-ass ninja side-scrolling adventure.

25. Super Monkey Ball Jr.

Much like GameCube, it is a multiplayer game with 60 mad challenges to get the supremacy. This is an insane action game with numerous features and modes to dive the junior monkey.

26. Sonic Advance 1 / 2 / 3

Sonic is yet another best GBA game, even today! The idea of imaginative characters from Sonic Universe with different abilities is to diminish the evil empire of Dr. Eggman. There has been a lot of improvement of characters and missions followed by versions. You literally need it to feel the real classic gaming experience!

27. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Do you love collecting cards for fun? Well, this game is all about managing cards which are well equipped with spells, tactics, and skills. To get you through your journey of memories.

28. Fifa 2007

Now football fans won’t ever forget Fifa back in 2007, this game serves the classical tournaments with a bit lower graphics. But it was the best and is already being played by thousands of GBA fans out there.

29. Final Fight 0 / 1 / 2 / 3

Final Fight sequel for GBA has served well enough to be remembered well enough. It’s a very genuine experience of fighting bosses throughout the streets and rescuing peeps which differ from version to version. But trust me all of them are worth trying and sitting in any GBA console.

30. Bubble Bobble

A quick-paced puzzle action game where you need to match 3 or more gems by shooting similar color sequences. It’s fun to play solo and what’s even better than multi-player?

31. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighters look great solving puzzles and defeating opponent analytically! This strategic-puzzle proves to be another top GBA games ever, by the inclusion of Street Fighter characters and yet intriguing combo theme.

32. Puyo Pop

A multi-talented match puzzle game with jellies to pop by making the combinations. There will be great levels for you to opt and the story mode will walk you through unlocking some extra models of gameplay.

33. Crash Bandicoot

A solo mode GBA game with special classic characters to have fun with during 20 insane levels full of adventure and near 3D graphics.

34. Donkey Kong: Country / King of Swing

Who doesn’t know about Donkey Kong? The most famous and the highest rated GBA game of all time. The Country version is filled with Diddy & Donkey Kongs to lush jungles, and defeating evil kremlings in 40 levels. Whereas the King of Swing presents Dixie & Kiddy Kong swinging the hell out in the depths of Pacific Ocean.

35. Spider-Man: Mysterious Menace / Ultimate

A story based spider man role-play to complete a mission, with ultimate graphics and features to fantasize you about the reality of spider man’s vision and powers.

36. Contra Advance: Alien Wars EX

A side-scrolling shoot em up kind of game with soldiers to fight against the deadly evil aliens who are keen to invade our world.

37. Metal Slug Advance

This one’s the best shooting games for GBA with very intense value all over the world. With multiple characters and uniquely insane levels of combats and fights with deadly soldiers who will even bomb you, if they have to. You need fast pace and efficient focus to win the game, but it will get you going very quickly!

38. Star Wars: Revenge of Sith / Apprentice of the Force

Anakin Skywalker’s action-packed thriller to force and fight you through defeating your opponents. To save the planets and maintain peace in space, it’s all what Revenge of the Sith is about.

Whereas Apprentice of Force is to refresh the mighty Trilogy by Jedi combating against Boba Fett and Darth Vader. A multi-player game with high-tech weapons.

39. Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2

You won’t find a better Bicycling GBA game, as it has been the most sensational bicycle stunt games of its time. You will get addicted to it if you are an on the go gamer, to perform stunts and tricks.

40. Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure / Buu’s Furry

The Advance Adventure is for Goku’s fans to have adventurous Dragon Ball environment along with 27 supportive characters. Whereas to play out martial arts and special weapons that Goku and his mates have, just check out Buu’s Furry!

41. Mortal Kombat: Advance / Deadly Alliance

Looking for the best action GBA game with a great battle system? Try out Mortal Kombat sequel with intensely insane graphic visuals and a sound variety of action combats.

42. Beyblade: G-Revolution / V-Force Ultimate

Not much to say about the great Beyblade Revolution in GBA world. You will feel great spinning tops to defeat enemy’s blade, with an exacting visual performance and in-depth features.

43. Disney’s Aladdin

Oh, Disney how did you even thought of bringing such a strong storyline of the great Aladdin saving his city and winning the love of Jasmine? It ain’t better to taste it on any other but GBA handheld!

44. SSX 3

A pretty decent classic game to feel the reality of action sports powered by racing genre. You won’t believe how popular it was and is even today!

45. Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

Didn’t you earn rewards in the Pinball game by handling the ball with flippers? Pokémon Pinball is all the same, but you get your favorite Pokémon’s up to 200 instead of the rewards! Isn’t that just great?

46. Drill Dozer

Let’s become a professional driller to hunt the most freak monsters with a strong story line and great gameplay experience.

47. Grand Theft Auto Advance

Want GTA sequels all summed up with plenty of vehicles, stages, characters and missions? Try GTA Advance on GBA to revise all your old memories!

48. Need for Speed: Underground / Porsche Unleashed

Ready for unsecured missions of drifting the best cars and dodging cops around the city? NFS versions are as popular on GBA as on any other gaming platform.

49. Naruto: Ninja Council

Pump up Naruto and Sasuke to prove the hidden action caught inside a best multiplayer game. Kids know how important it is to love Naruto in the classic age.

50. Yu-Gi-Oh: Reshef of Destruction / The Eternal Duelist Soul / 7 Trials to Glory / The Sacred Cards / GX Dual Academy / Ultimate Masters

The yu-gi-oh sequel is a must-have card decking GBA game with literally great graphics and tactics. You will be handed with multiple cards with powers to save the world differently in each version. But all the versions have a worth and are a must try.

Didn’t get what You were looking for? CONGRATULATIONS That’s only because you are a very Professional GBA gamer! Do let us know how you feel about all the best GBA games of all time.

Whereas newbies are strictly advised to have fun and share their worth mentioning experiences. Also, ask anything you wish to in the comments section below!

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