56 Best Google Chrome Extensions of All Time

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser around the globe. With more than 70% of total internet users are known to be using it, and there’s a 3% increase in statistical data each month.

Available for all major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS makes it undoubtedly one of the best web and mobile browser.

The real reason for Chrome’s success relies on the features and the open-source nature. That is precisely why Android is the most popular OS in the smartphone world. Google Chrome is so much more than just a web browser, as many of us have migrated from third party browsers to get access to the huge list of Google chrome extensions. The variety of extensions, plugins, and add-ons have developed a lot to offer great utilities.

Have You ever tried Chrome add-ons to automate your work? You’ll learn how you can use a specific browser extension to increase your productivity.

Best Chrome Extensions 2017

Let’s just talk about the best available on the Chrome web store that can boost our productivity, protect us from online threats, save a handful of money and do a lot more than just the browser’s stock features.

Chrome Extensions For Productivity

must have top chrome extensions

1. PushBullet

Pushbullet creates a beautiful bridge between your smartphone and chrome screen. Bringing all your notifications, messages, photos, links and more, right from your Android or iOS device to your Chrome window. Although it’s quite limited for iOS devices but Android users can profoundly maximize their productivity using pushbullet extension. Whether it’s replying to a WhatsApp chat or sharing a link between a smartphone and PC, all you need is a pushbullet extension and Android app.

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2. Awesome Screenshot

A lightweight screen capture solution for google chrome, the Awesome screenshot is so simple to use and to share screenshots anywhere. You can even edit and add annotations to your Chrome screenshots, just with a click. And what’s better than an option of uploading screenies right to your cloud drives to share them instantly.


3. StayFocusd

The Internet is full of very addictive content, creating a lot of distractions and limiting productivity. But StayFocusd is your personal guard to limit distractions and promises to make you stay focused. You can set your rules of blocking addictive websites with an advanced configuration panel. With StayFocusd projects and work can be completed productively within the deadlines.


4. I’m Gentleman

I’m Gentleman is the best extension for downloading images instantly using hotkeys. Grabbing multiple images can be very time taking on chrome, but this app promises to increase your productivity by saving a lot of time. All you have to do is to press “ALT” and click the image you need.


5. AutoPagerize

AutoPagerize is a tiny must have chrome extension. You won’t have to click next page on a google search or any other website, as a mouse scroll will do that for you. That means no more extra clicks will be required for browsing productively on google chrome.


6. Turn Off The Lights

This chrome add-on transforms youtube into a cinematic atmosphere. It fades everything into a dark mode, resulting in a more real video mode. Hence the video becomes more attractive, sharper and clearer than before. So if you are a Youtuber, Turn off the Lights is a must have for your browser.

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7. The Great Suspender

Everyone knows that Google Chrome eats a lot of RAM and PC resources. It can crash or lag the system at times, which highly decreases productivity. But The Great Suspender plugin rinses off unused tabs and cleans up chrome entirely to normalize massive load on PC.

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8. Save to Pocket

It is the most popular browser extensions of all. Pocket lets you save anything from the web for offline use. Let it be web pages, videos, music and more; it serves as an offline internet access extension. Available across multiple platforms, which mean the pockets you save on google chrome can be viewed on iOS, Android, and many different devices.

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9. Feedly

Online feeds can’t get any better without Feedly, being the world’ most popular blog and RSS reader. You can add any website or social media platforms for instant feeds, that will appear live on google chrome.

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10. Any.do Extension

From a variety of to-do list software, Any Do does it so well enough to be in our productivity extensions list. You can instantly create, edit, and share your favorite lists which will automatically sync across all your devices. The chrome plugin is neatly designed and works like a charm to remind you of your tasks.

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Chrome Extensions For Media & Editing

Chrome extensions for media & editing

11. Pixlr Editor

A complete picture editing solution by Autodesk Inc. Pixlr editor extension for chrome is very compact in size but offers amazing features to fulfill all your pic editing needs. From basic to high-end DSLR effects, Pixlr offers high quality along with superb user interface. If you are tired of using third party editors, try the Pixlr extension once to fall in love with it in no time.


12. ColorZilla

Developers and designers are always looking for color codes. Color Zilla is an extension to get any color detail instantly with its color picker, eyedropper, and gradient generator. It offers more developer related features to save time and to omit insane google searches to find any color code in real-time.


13. Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder)

If you are looking for an instant screen recorder extension for Chrome, trust me this is the one! Screencastify can not only record, but you can also edit and share customizable screen recordings instantly. The light version offers a bit limited features, but you can also try out best free Windows screen recorders for advanced screencast sessions.


14. Magic Actions

What’s better than controlling video sound with a mouse wheel, or having options of HD cinematic view. Magic Actions transforms user to YouTube interaction by a variety of features. From turning off auto-play or hiding ads, this extension is for all YouTubers out there. Also, check out 6 Amazing YouTube Secret Hacks!


15. MediaPlus

If you ever felt a need to reshape videos or images on the Internet, Media Plus chrome plugin does it for you. It gives users a flexible control on web pages to resize, move, edit and even save videos or images for offline viewing. There’s much more to explore about Media Plus, and you must try it out once.


16. Video Stream

A multi-function screencasting add-on that delivers live streams to digital media players. Let it be chrome cast, Apple TV or even Android players; Video Stream extension can cast high definition videos directly from Chrome. The free version is fully functional with minimal options, whereas the premium features are way ahead of any other chrome screencast.


Chrome Browser Extensions For AdBlocking & VPN

Adblock chrome extensions

17. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is truly the best free ad blocker extension for google chrome. Let it be pop-ups, sidebars, animations, and nearly any intrusive web adverts; Adblock Plus filters them very neatly. It also features malware and tracking protection, where some acceptable ads might not be filtered by default.


18. uBlock Origin

uBlock is the second best ad blocker plugin for chrome. It works differently from AdBlock Plus, as you get a better control over the ad selections using the host’s file. It uses lower system resources and works quite efficiently. You will observe better options integrated for a customizable ad-blocking experience.


19. Hola Betterment

Let’s hide your identity and explore the blocked content on the internet without paying a single penny. Hola Better Internet is the most powerful VPN extension for chrome that is insanely secure and connects instantly to VPN connections. It is known to consume little extra data comparatively and sits nicely in google chrome to offer a very stable VPN connection.


20. ZenMate VPN

ZenMate VPN is again a very powerful website unblocker that truly hides your identity. Surf over the web to explore geographically blocked content with multiple countries VPN connections available. It offers a very stable yet quicker VPN connection support, and you don’t have to worry about accessing secure proxy servers with ZenMate enabled.


Aren’t You installing VPN extensions for Google Chrome right now? So check out these Top 25 Free Proxy Sites for Safe & Anonymous Browsing!

21. Adult Blocker

All the parents around want a clean internet solution for their children; Adult Blocker promises to filter all the adult comment on the web. It works like a real time parent to block everything that seems mature or wrong in short. With its artificial intelligence, Adult Blocker understands slang words or phrases to offer the best children protection on the internet.


You can also install Website Blocker that is a  free and extremely useful Chrome extension to block any site!

Chrome Extensions For Privacy & Internet Security

browser extensions for security

22. Blur

Blur promises unique online security and privacy features to minimize online frauds in real time. Let it be securing payments or managing passwords; Blur works as a personal guard to fight against all the possible threats on google chrome. Try it out once, and trust me you will start getting a better sleep at night.

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23. LastPass

The number one password manager around, LastPass is trusted by billions of people to help them generate and store passwords in a very secure vault. Not only that but the LastPass Chrome extension auto-fills your credentials automatically. It has a multi-OS support to sync every single personal detail across all your devices. All you need is to set up an account and use the master password for logging in LastPass, where rest is all on this strong personal credential manager.

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Not satisfied with Blur & LastPass? Then You must check out 14 Best Password Managers for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS!

24. WOT

WOT is an instant website credibility checker extension to inform you the real trustworthiness of nearly any web page. It collects data from various genuine sources and presents it in a unique green or red signs. Either you are buying something, or you are signing up, WOT will identify all the odds on the internet to prevent frauds and minimize security threats.

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25. HTTPS Everywhere

Conventionally HTTP, a less secure and hackable infrastructure. But not anymore by HTTP to HTTPS switcher Chrome extension. As HTTPS reduces online security threats by 85%, it is nearly impossible to get hacked, hijacked or even tracked by NSA surveillance.

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26. Disconnect

A third-party cookies blocker chrome extension that truly does what it says. Disconnect plugin ensures that no one tracks you, let it be social networks or even NSA. It is very advanced cookie filter system model that works in real time to let you surf the web without privacy fears.

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Chrome Extensions For Better Interface

extensions for chrome UI customization

27. Hover Zoom

Hover the mouse pointer on any thumbnail image to zoom it into a larger picture. Hover Zoom is a little must-have Chrome extension and works with nearly any image that can appear on google chrome.

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28. Lazarus: Form Recovery

Filling online forms without a form filling Chrome extension is a total waste of time. As Lazarus will prevent any data loss, you incur in case of error.

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29. Stylish – Custom themes for any website

Let’s call it a Greasemonkey for google chrome; Stylish transforms old school website interface into your own customizable ones. Let it be Google, Facebook or any other internet site. All you need is to download scripts from userstyles.org, plug them into Stylish extension and enjoy the new look.

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30. Gestures For Google Chrome

Ever thought of controlling google chrome using gestures? Well, you can do that now quite quickly using this gestures Chrome extension. Set up any kind of basic to advanced gestures and play around without hectic formal procedures.

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Chrome Extensions By Google

chrome extensions offered by Google

31. Google Dictionary

Stop searching for meanings on Google, use dictionary extension that will instantly pop up meanings of words you wish to know. Google dictionary plugin supports a huge list of languages where you can even hear pronunciations in real time. Whether it’s a reading task or writing an assignment, this extension is a must-have in all cases.

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32. Google URL Shortener

Let’s shorten links and share them instantly using Google URL shortener extension. A lightweight chrome plugin to take care of all your link management tasks.

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33. Google Calendar

Manage your events, deadlines or whatever on google chrome and let it sync all your Google devices automatically. Google Calendar extension brings instant access to your Google calendar for better management on PC.

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34. Google Scholar Button

Let’s become a great scholar by selecting any scholarly phrase on chrome and hitting Google Scholar button to search Google Scholar instantly. Time is money, and it saves a lot of time, so all the scholars need this chrome extension asap!

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35. Google Input Tools

Input multiple languages right into Chrome using Google input tools plugin. No need for advanced third-party software to do this job anymore. As input tools offer a lot of freedom to non-English writers. You can do it using transliteration or even handwriting mode.

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36. Google Quick Scroll

Make your Google searches clearer and to the point. Google quick scroll extension helps you find exact key phrases you were looking for without being distracted anymore.

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37. Chrome Remote Desktop

This chrome extension is an alternative to Team Viewer, as it enables you to control a PC with an Android device. It’s light and secure, and many of us need to set it up for future use instantly.

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38. Google Cast

Google Cast plugin is a must-have extension for everyone with a Google Chromecast. It will cast chrome browser tabs which mean we can cast more than just what our smartphones can play.

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Social Media Chrome Extensions

best chrome add ons

39. Discoverly

I call it a social mixer, Discoverly blends Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more together to map a greater social world. It uses sequential data from friends and family to track them around your circles. It’s often hard to log in to different social platforms all the time; Discoverly can save a lot of time and energy at that point.

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40. AddThis

AddThis is a powerful tool to share, bookmark, translate or even print information around the web, including social networks. It’s instant social sharing abilities is the reason why it’s used by million users.

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41. Eclips – Pocket for Facebook, YouTube

Eclipse is a great way of creating social video libraries, from YouTube, Facebook, Vine and more. It works like a free space for you to edit and save your video collections over the web for later access and sharing.

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42. Social Fixer For Facebook

Social Fixer Chrome extension is for die-hard Facebook users. It not only redesigns standard interface but also brings very unique features like, quick access, who unfriends you, advanced posting options and more.

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43. Silver Bird

Also known as Chrome Bird, it is a must-have Chrome extension for all the Twitter users. It sits tightly inside google chrome and offers to get linked with multiple Twitter accounts and their advanced management options.

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44. Buffer

The buffer is a brilliant robot that connects with all your social profiles and gives you enough power to automate your social life. Let it be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more; this social management Chrome extension will empower you to be a master of sharing.

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Chrome Extensions For Bookmark & Tab management

best chrome plugins

45. Google BookMark Manager

Don’t You like the built-in Google Chrome bookmark manager? Try out Google’s more advanced bookmark manager extension with extra goodies and more power. From better options like notes taking and sharing, to a unique interface of thumbnail based bookmark view.


46. Xmarks

If you want your bookmarks from office PC with internet explorer or your home PC with Safari browser, or from your laptop’s google chrome browser all in one place, then trust me Xmarks extension is what you need. It will sync all your bookmarks from nearly any web browser right inside Chrome.


47. Momentum

Looking for a very customizable Chrome tab with all your favorite stuff?  Try out Momentum to not only enhance interface but to increase productivity along with beauty.


48. Awesome New Tab Page

If you didn’t like Momentum, I bet you will fall in love with Awesome New Tab Page Chrome extension. It’s quite similar but offers more customizations and widgets.


49. Session Buddy

Create sessions for work and play by adding your loved tabs in them. Session Buddy will not only give you a better glance at the tabs but will ensure they don’t crash over time, and if they do, it will also recover them.


50. TooManyTabs

Working with too many tabs can be laggy and challenging at times. But this tab management extension for Chrome can manage load by indexing tabs according to sequences for accessing them quickly. The bird-eye view feature is also fantastic to have a glance at opened tabs.


51. Panic Button

No one’s judging us, but what if they are? Panic Button ensures that you are never caught doing unusual stuff on your PC. Just a hit at Panic Button will instantly shut down and save your browsing session for next access. So no one knows what you’ve been doing!


Chrome Extensions For E-Commerce & Shopping

must have chrome extensions

52. The Camelizer

Waiting for Black Friday to buy all your wish list items? Don’t hold on that long anymore and use Camelizer to track prices of products on your favorite online stores. Let it be Amazon, Best Buy, NewEgg and more, this price Tracker Chrome extension prompts You whenever the prices go down. It can even predict when the prices might fall and is also known as, “Amazon Price Tracker.”


53. Honey

Honey is a must-have Chrome extension for online shoppers. It finds and applies discount coupon codes whenever you check out to buy something online. It can save you a lot of money and time in searching for sales and coupons.


54. InvisibleHand

This price saving chrome extension is the biggest deal in town. Invisible Hand can track best prices from around the globe with thousands of retailers. Especially if you live in U.S., U.K., or Germany.


55. AmazonSmile 1Button

Amazon Smile is a CSR service for charity, so if You install this extension, You will be redirected to Amazon Smile subdomain. Which means that every time You buy anything from Amazon, You are making charity from the sale generated.


56. Add to Amazon Wish List

Instantly add items to your Amazon wishlists, right from google chrome. Whenever You come across Amazon products and services, you will have an immediate option to add them to your wishlist.


Hope you have installed many extensions from our mighty list of useful Google Chrome Extensions of all time. Tell us about your favorite picks and is there something that we missed? In the comments below!

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