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Google Chromecast Alternatives: Best Detailed Comparision

chromecast alternatives

Chromecast is a very well known screen mirror or screencast solution by Google. It’s a nice little plug and play screencast device that plugs into a TV using HDMI, and streams media from smartphones or tablets. It uses a Wifi connection to stream digital media to Android, iOS, and even Windows devices. Chromecast can be controlled using a variety of mobile and web apps. Chromecast apps also feature to stream third-party services like Hulu, NetFlix and more.

Although Google Chrome Stick is a cheap and reliable trade, but more of a basic screencast device. That’s when we talk about Chromecast alternatives to get more features and power in our hands. Other screencasting devices that are way better than Chromecast are widely available in the market. Let’s have a look at few main reasons to switch to other available options first,

  • Limited global availability.
  • No native graphical user interface support.
  • Lacks a physical remote control.
  • Limited third-party streaming services e.g. Amazon TV.
  • Lack of compatible apps.

4 Best Google Chromecast Alternatives

If you still love your Chromecast that suits your requirements, it’s all good. But if you seriously need more high-end features out of a digital media caster, let’s find out some of the better chrome stick alternatives around.

Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Chromecast Alternatives

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a mini version of the full featured Amazon TV. It offers a lot better streaming performance and more storage as compared to Chromecast. The dedicated remote gives good control over streaming media with presentable GUI support. It’s more of a full-fledged HD digital media player than just a standard streaming stick. Amazon Fire TV Stick will auto download your most favorite content by default and can work without connecting any smartphone to it.

The remote comes with a voice search option to make search and commands more efficient. Where hundreds of movies, channels and games are just ready for you to play. With stand alone app and online streaming support, Amazon Fire TV Stick is better than Chromecast in many ways. It comes with a few dollar additional than the price tag of just $40, but trust me it’s worth every penny.

If you are looking for more power and entertainment featured caster device with same price tag. Amazon Fire TV Stick is a genuine Chromecast alternative in that case!

Chromecast vs. Apple TV:

Chromecast Alternatives

Apple TV is full featured media player solution for Apple fans. Chromecast might not be well compatible with an iPhone, iPad, or iMac device. But Apple TV promises to make casting a lot easier and efficient for iOS especially. With multi-platform support, Apple TV also works well with Android and Windows flagships. It also let users stream and play games right on any iOS device.

Unlike Chromecast, Apple TV comes with an external remote control. That gives the user a very good control over media casting options and playback. Built in App store has tons of apps to maximize your entertainment sessions. Where iTunes store media can also be rented or purchased for playback on Apple TV. The locally stored audio, video or even full desktop interface can also be streamed using Airplay app.

Although the basic price tag of $149 is way higher than a $35 Chromecast. But Apple users are well aware of the quality and complete smart HDTV solution it drives. Where Chromecast is just a media caster, Apple TV is way much more than that.

Chromecast vs. Roku Streaming Stick:

Chromecast Alternatives

With a price tag of just $49, Roku Streaming Stick is truly an all rounder in screencasting. Unlike Chromecast, Roku stick offers hundreds of channel subscriptions along with local network media streaming. It is also fully compatible with iOS and Android devices with native app support. There is a built-in GUI interface to interact with Roku directly using Wifi remote control.

Roku is a powerful yet multi-featured Chromecast alternative, with not a very high price tag but greater features. Roku is simply the best media streaming solution as compared to any of the mentioned devices. It’s an all-rounder with constant development support, so grab it today!

Chromecast vs. Samsung All-Share Cast:

Chromecast Alternatives

With a little bit higher price tag of $80 at Amazon, Samsung All-Share Cast is the best media caster for Samsung users. Whether it’s watching HD movies or live channels, All-share cast does it so well for Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It’s more of a work caster than a play casting device. As when it comes to formal presentations or playback, the all-share cast is well trusted. A simple plug & play media caster that might be a great Chromecast alternative for many.

It offers better image and video quality where as you might instantly need it to get good hands on more advanced features.

So that was all about the best Chromecast alternatives in the market. Hope you have made a right choice and bought anyone of them by now. Do let us know which google chrome stick alternate suits you in comments below!

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