Add style and functionality to your iPhone 7 with these 5 leather cases

Some people are yet to know that Apple unveiled the iPhone 7, but case manufacture companies have not wasted a minute in bringing their cases to the market. You can sometimes get confused when you are looking for an ideal iPhone case. Leather cases make your phone look a little classier. So I’ve decided to make a list of 5 of the best leather iPhone 7 cases that are found on Amazon.

Best Leather Cases for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

We did a lot of research on finding the best cases for the new iPhone 7 Plus that are high quality, durable and comes with reasonable price. Luckily, we found many cases and here is our list of top rated and best cases that would make your iPhone 7 more stylish and add more protection.

1) Gotida iPhone leather case


Your iPhone will slip right into this case perfectly. You can use the leather flap as a stand just in case you want to watch videos on landscape mode without having to hold it in your hand the whole time. The case is light, so you won’t feel like you are carrying a brick in your pocket. It has big enough slots with enough space to put all your credit and debit cards in.

The case has been made to last for ages. It is really durable and an excellent protector of your phone. If you are one of those people that have really clumsy hands and can’t keep your phone in your hands, this is a case that you should consider buying. As it is common with most phone cases nowadays, this one also has a magnetic closure.

Ladies especially will love this case because of its design. It really does have a cute design. It also has a slot in the back, so you don’t need to take the case off when you want to take pictures. This is a case that I would recommend to anyone out there looking for a stylish and durable phone case. You can buy the phone on Amazon.

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2) Candywe Leather Protective Stand Casecandywe-leather-protective-stand-case-for-iphone-7

This is a wallet style case. Women will love this case. The case has slots for putting credit cards, debit cards and other types of cards. It also has a place for one to put cash in. It comes I a variety of colors, so you have options. It is also very durable, and your heart won’t fall to your stomach when you drop your phone. It seems durable and thick enough to protect the phone against hard impact hits.

The iPhone 7 will fit perfectly in this one too. The price set in this case is also good and seems like a fair one for this type of product. The leather strap can also be used as a stand, so if you want to watch any videos on landscape mode or if you are on face time with someone relaxing on your bed, you don’t have to keep holding the phone in your hand. All the cutouts fit perfectly with all the phone ports so you won’t be irritated when trying to insert a cable into port. If I were to recommend a wallet type case for any woman looking or a case, this would definitely be the one. You can find it on Amazon.

All the cutouts fit perfectly with all the phone ports so you won’t be irritated when trying to insert a cable into port. If I were to recommend a wallet type case for any woman looking or a case, this would definitely be the one. You can find it on Amazon.

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3) Candywe Leather Wallet & Flip Cover


This case will fit perfectly on the iPhone 7. The light blue color is really unique and makes the phone look really stylish. The magnet that holds the case closed is pretty strong and doesn’t look like it will open in your pocket or if you are engaged in any physical activity.

It is also pretty durable and seems like it can protect the phone in case of a fall. It has card slots so you can put all your credit and debit cards in it. It also has a money pocket so you can carry money in it as well. The best thing about this case overall has to be the color. It really is attractive and I think will be a favorite for many women. This iPhone 7 case can be found on Amazon.

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4) Flidm iPhone 7 PU Leather Wallet Case


Now if we are talking about design, I don’t think you will find a phone case with a better design than this one. The texture feels great, and it doesn’t slip when you are holding it in your hands. The colors are really bright and expressive, and the best thing is that it looks great and will be one that you can show off to your friends. It has a plastic frame around it for some extra protection if you happen to drop it.

The phone will fit perfectly into this case, and all the cutouts align greatly with the ports. The flip on this case can be used as a stand also so you can do a lot with it when it comes to videos. It has a wallet include. There are slots for you to put all your cards in and a money slot also. If you are looking for a case to get your wife or daughter or that special someone in your life, this is the case for you. You can go to Amazon and purchase this case.

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5) Kasedd Leather Wallet with Flip Cover and Stand


This case has a classic appearance. It is very stylish and classy. It is very durable and protects the phone quite well. With the wallet, it contains slots for putting cards in and also a money slot. It is also lightweight and the weight it adds to the phone is not even noticeable.

The designer of this case paid very close attention to detail. It feels really nice in your hands, and the color is also great. This case is for someone who is looking to have his phone covered up but still retain the classy look. The best thing about this iPhone case is that both men and women will find it quite appealing. This case can be found on Amazon.

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There are plenty of iPhone 7 cases to be found on the market that is great to a large extent. It really depends on what you are looking for in case. Style, design, color, or maybe feel? The cases mentioned above, in my opinion, are the top iPhone 7 leather cases that can be found on Amazon.

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