Download 15 Best Kodi Skins for a better experience

This article features 15 best Kodi skins for 2018 that not only render a great interface to lounge back and watch your favourite films but also make a larger variety of custom options to enhance your experience.

All of these Kodi Skin provide great functionality and are good at what they are made to do. However, it is important to know that everyone has their different preferences, so make sure you know about yours before you choose a Kodi Skin.

Kodi is perhaps something that every TV show, movie or music fan knows about. Known as XBMC in the past years, Kodi is an impressive, free and open source media player that functions on many software including Windows, PC, and Android, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi and Amazon Fire TV.

So what does Kodi do?

Through Kodi, movie, and music fanatics are given the facility to play your all time favourite movies, music and television programs and record live television.

Kodi media player provides users with a very cheap and economical alternative to watch their favourite movies and TV shows, whether it’s from the internet or from your devices’ hard drive. Another great thing about Kodi is that it can be easily installed on nearly all devices and can be customized with ease too.

The actual power and greatness of Kodi reside in the Addons which improves the user experience by providing the users with exactly what they are looking for.

Download Top-rated Kodi Skins

best kodi skinsThis review is dedicated to tell you more about the best Kodi skins you can acquire and use. Kodi Skins have the power to enhance the user experience dramatically. They are very easy to download and efficiently alter the whole outlook and feel of the software.

Here are the top 15 Kodi Skins that you should consider updating to in the year 2017.

1)  Overall Best: Aeon Nox

If there has to be a better Kodi Skin than Kodi’s default skin Confluence, it would be Aeon Nox. This skin is very lightweight which means it does not lag the system execution. Aeon Nox is customized to deliver ease and style. It embodies a very innovative and classic finish that makes it the best of the Kodi Skins.

2. Mimic

This Kodi skin embodies a very high-quality skin that is finished with both ReFocus and Aeon Nox. It works with a basic and easy approach to all types of devices. Mimic is accessible in a different color according to the likes of the users. It comes with the feature to customize home items, presents touch support, fan art and also gives TV shows logos.

Author: bryanbrazil

3. ReFocus

The most prominent feature of its design is its beautiful visuals, a rich skin, and different customization options. It allows users to customize the home items, supports an artwork downloader, touch support and skin widgets and many other cool features.  It beholds crisp, clear and easy to understand the menu.

Author: Jeroen

4. Eminence

Supporting a sleek and finished look, Eminence also has a very speedy execution. It does not support as many cool features as other skins, but the cover and finish of this skin compensate. If you are a user who does not require many features but a smooth experience is what you’re looking for in a kodi skin, Eminence is the option.

5. Nebula

Nebula is amongst those skins that embody a very simple but a rich, finished skin. It is one of those Kodi Skins that are not built on an extraordinary design but are efficient in function. Packed with a number of customization options, it functions extremely well on HD TV screens. Some of the features include custom home items, Extra fan art, Live TV, Touch support.

Author: Tgx

6. Xperience 1080

Featuring a full width of 1920 x 1080, Xperience 1080 is a panel based skin that has essential features. The features include custom home items, horizontal home menu, TV shows logos and much more. This Kodi Skin has perhaps just one disadvantage which is its touch support that is partial. It is also very easily navigated and operated.

Author: Piers

7. Black Glass Nova

Packed with exciting features and customization options, Black Glass Nova is a good catch when it comes to a getting yourself Kodi Skin. Amongst its cool features are the customize home items, Artwork downloader, clear art, skin widgets and clear logo. It is a treat to watch on full HD screens.

8. Transparency

Transparency is popular amongst the users mainly for its incredible fanart skin. Some features include custom home items, vertical home menu, TV show logos and much more. Another big advantage of this Kodi Skin is that it’s much easier to use than any other in its league.

Author: ronie

9. Amber

Amber is the second best Kodi Skin. This Kodi Skin packs a lot of cool features including custom home menu, custom home shelf, and custom background. These features appeal to the users making it the top rated skin after Aeon Nox.

Although its design may not appeal to all users, Amber delivers a smooth execution on all the devices that it is run on. It can be customized to home self horizontally or vertically, as the users’ desire.

10. Ace

On the 10th we have Ace, which is another great skin supporting a rich and fine finish. Ace is highly customizable and packed with tons of features that are covered by different users. Perhaps it’s only yet the biggest disadvantage is that it cannot support Live TV/PVR. Rest aside; Ace has many avid users.

Author: MarcosQui

11. Back Row

Undoubtedly amongst the most incredible Kodi Skin is Back Row, which is built on a unique design. The design delivers a very cinematic feeling to your living room.

It is an excellent choice for home cinema enthusiasts as it gives you the outlook that you’re sitting watching movie theatre. In a nutshell, Back Row packs a beautiful skin full of incredible features for movie fanatics.

12. Titan

Sleek, simple and easy is what Titan is all about. It does best what it is designed to do, delivers you a smooth presentation. It allows users to pick their Tv show or movie easily. The best part about Titan is that it provides a good and simple user interface for small devices.

13. Box

The list of the best Kodi Skins in 2017 is left incomplete without talking about Box. It is the Kodi Skin that features 15 main menus that users can customize, five customizable sub-menus and around 35 widgets.

Box allows users to alter the color accents to match different preferences in the skin. The skin can be used on any device without the users having to stick it to any input anyone input device.

14. KOver 2

If you are looking for a Kodi Skin that gives out a futuristic look and is informative without cluttering your screen, KOver 2 is a wise choice.

KOver 2 features a designer feature that is highly customizable. Users can easily customize different sections of the interface into a sleek, professional one without much technical hassle.

Another exciting feature is the Auto Build that enables users to build differing viewing types of the skin automatically without having to do much customization.

15. OMNI

This Kodi Skin gets its name from its omnipresent menus. It shares some features and similarities of the other Kodi Skin in this list that is Mimic. OMNI is a bit more organized, smooth and streamlined than Mimic but lacks a few of its features.

OMNI provides a main menu and sub-menu which can be accessed by users through every window. The skin represents a List and Wall view. Many users prefer this Kodi skin for its ease, simplicity, and accessibility. These are the areas where OMNI has indeed proved to be a wise choice.

Hopefully, you love our list of top rated skins for Kodi 17, let us know by sharing your experience in the comment below and don’t forget to share your favorite one also!

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