10 Best Portable Monitors to buy in 2019

HP portable monitor for laptop

If you’re looking for the best portable monitor to be more productivity in your work with the second display, then you’ve landed on the right place.

Portable monitors are a great innovation as they serve great for professionals including programmers, designers, filmmakers, or any other digital artist. Because of so many apps opened all at once, you probably need a USB powered portable monitor. Even these small monitors can help you to stay connected with your business wherever you go without any hassle as they are easy to carry because of the size and weight.

What is a USB Powered Monitor?

USB monitor aka Portable Monitor is one of the easiest ways you can use to add additional display to your PC or Mac. They are highly portable because of lightweight, Plug and Play, and they don’t need extra power source, just connect to your Laptop using USB port.

To use a portable monitor with your Laptop or PC all you must do is simply install the DisplayLink application and connect the monitor into your USB port and that’s it your second display is connected.

Why use a Portable Monitor?

You can opt for portable monitors because of their mind-blowing features including Multi-tasking, lightweight, adjustable orientation, and easy to carry if you travel a lot.

The biggest advantage of portable monitors is you can carry them anywhere and can be powered using USB port; just open your laptop, connect via USB and boom start working remotely as you don’t have to be in your office all the time.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a smart decision and buy a good portable monitor to boost your productivity.

Let us review the latest portable monitors available in the market along with their unique features.

All portable monitors included in our list are good enough for all your business needs, you can use it with a laptop, Gaming console, Macbook pro, Raspberry Pi, and can be used as an external monitor with a camera.

The table below highlights the top-rated highly portable monitors:


Screen size (inches)

Resolution (pixels)


1. Asus MB169C+



​2. GeChic 2501C



3. Asus MB169B+



4. AOC e1659Fwu



5. GeChic 1503H



6. ViewSonic td2230



7. GeChic 1303H



8. Eleclink 10.1



9. AOC e1659Fwux



10. HP ELiteDisplay



1. ASUS MB 169C+ – Best USB Type-C Portable Monitor

ASUS MB169C Full HD Portable Monitor Review

Image credit: Asus


I am sure most of you know that Asus is a well-known brand in the tech industry more specifically Gaming and the monitor business. They have a variety of portable monitors in the market for different tasks and needs.

MB 169C+ is the world’s premium Type-C USB powered portable monitor of 2019. As a result, its probability to synchronize and connect with any futuristic technology is significantly increased.

This monitor has an aesthetic look, but I know you might be looking for something unique in features. Its flicker-free screen and ability to diminish the emission of blue light are two of the core reasons which add quite a lot to its value. ASUS MB 169C+ offers 15.6-inch screen size with 1080p HD resolution.

It is a good IPS USB portable monitor which enables you to view the screen at wider view angle, with zero or least possible distortion. Since the product is super lightweight (i.e. just 0.8KGs), so carrying it while you’re on a trip is no more a hassle. You might not believe it, but the monitor has taken pride to be the world’s lightest portable monitor in the market.

It is stylish and possesses a sleek structure. To enhance product safety while traveling, the monitor is protected inside a smart case, having protective sleeves.

The QuickFit virtual scale enables you to set up an onscreen alignment grid for previewing the actual-size photos prior to printing. You don’t need any tutorial for that! Everything is just a hotkey away!

It is my recommended and go-to 16-inch portable monitor specifically for Macbook Pro users.

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  • Light in weight and very comfortable to use
  • This monitor serves well for the travelers
  • Compatible for both business and leisure purposes
  • Appreciable features like ultra-low blue light, quick fit virtual scale
  • Easy screen orientation with the help of quick fit virtual scale


  • Cannot be used with Type A and Type C adapters
  • It uses USB type-C G2 port for connecting which is the native on-board USB port
  • Indigent image quality

2. GeChic 2501C Review – HDMI Portable Monitor

GeChic 2501C HDMI Portable Monitor Review

If you need a second monitor to increase the productivity in your work, then you should opt for this portable USB powered monitor.

You can complete all the business-related tasks quickly without much difficulty. Have you been fed up while looking for the compatible drivers? Get rid of it now! Instead, this monitor comes with the plug and play features and does not require any driver installation.

It has 15.6-inch screen along with attractive black colored panel supported by built-in speakers. The screen resolution is 1366×768. You can enjoy zero lagging features with the help of TN panel technology. 

While you are on the go, just connect your monitor with Raspberry Pi and set up your computer anywhere, with absolute ease. It is also one of the best options if you want to enjoy gaming on a trip. Just connect it with your console and enjoy your favorite games with 60 hertz refresh rate.

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  • Good response time about 8ms
  • Best used for business tasks
  • Has an additional adapter options


  • Resolution is not good as compared to the competition.
  • No touchscreen

2. ASUS MB169B+ Review – USB Powered Portable Gaming Monitor

ASUS MB169B+ IPS USB Portable Monitor Review

Here is another good USB portable monitor from the giant manufacturer, ASUS. This display is indeed very sleek and stylish and excellent portable gaming monitor with the Full HD monitor and refresh rate of 75 hertz. Quite interestingly, the company has managed to restrict its thickness to merely 0.3 inches.

Moreover, the metallic finishing adds more to its life and makes the product even more durable than the competitors. You could even rotate the screen from landscape to portrait and vice versa, which makes it suitable for almost ever purpose.

There is a single cable for data and power transmission, and since it is 3.0, the signal transmission is incredibly efficient, making the monitor efficient to use with external hardware. However, it has the capability to connect to a desktop or notebook with the help of USB2.0 port. But in that case, its brightness and other efficient functionality might be compromised to some extent.

You can install Ezlink utility to enjoy various added features. It sits well on a convenient adjustable table stand. You can infer from the name; it has 15.6-inch screen size with the HD resolution of 1920×1080. Here is the price value which aids in your purchase decision. It costs $187.99.

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  • Very slim and easy to handle
  • User-friendly display
  • Fastest connectivity with the USB3.0
  • Auto rotate


  • Image quality is not up to the expectation
  • Poor color calibrations

3. Asus ZenScreen MB16AC

ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC Review

The Asus ZenScreen MB16AC is another good-looking 15.6-inch full HD portable monitor with USB Type-C cable to turn it on. Just connect one end to your display and the other to your laptop. USB Type A connector is included in the box if in case your laptop does not support it (good for Microsoft Surface Pro laptops).

Display quality is good enough, but brightness is around 200 nits which is good enough in indoor lights and not great for outdoors. Uses the blue light filter and anti-glare technology which means should be easy on your eyes but still very glossy display though. Additionally, you can install the Asus display widget app which comes with different screen modes you can choose from like sRGB scenery and movie.

The Adobe color accuracy is around 70% which means it’s not good for photo or video editing, but overall contrast looks decent and good for watching TV and multitasking.

The Asus Smart case is good enough and works like the iPad smart cover with magnets to avoid any scratches and can be used as a monitor stand.

It weighs around 1.5 pounds which makes ultralight and easy to carry in your bag. If you like Asus ZenScreen, you can click on the Amazon link below.

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  • Cheaper in price
  • Built in display link technology
  • Faster connectivity with the help of USB
  • Feasibility of multiple connections


  • Poor picture resolution
  • Limited viewing angles

6. GeChic 1503I Review – Best Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Gechic 1503I Touchscreen Portable MonitorYou have already heard about this product. It sounds similar, but it’s the upgraded version of GeChic 1503H. It has some of the added features when compared to its previous versions.

If you are used to working with two screens, then you should opt for this monitor without any hesitation. The good news is that it does not require any driver installation due to its outstanding plug and play features.

The screen size looks adorable – 15 inches with an HD resolution of 1920×1080. You can also mount a power bank as an additional power source.

Well, at first glance undoubtedly the product may seem to be a bit overpriced but once you look at the features an unparalleled quality, the price is very well justified.

If you are a gaming person, then it satisfies your needs very well. This portable gaming monitor is adaptable with all gaming consoles including the Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch.

Awesome viewing angles are also implemented with this IPS USB portable monitor technology. While traveling, you might face frequent problems with power supply and it could be overcome with the help of additional power supply.

GeChic’s marvel is just 1.1 cm thick and enables rear docking which further enhances its portability and ease of use. It also caters to the lust of music if you are a music lover.

The built-in stereo speakers are elegantly mounted above the screen. The incredible color contrast enhancement together with the availability of OSD buttons enable this portable device to compete with any desktop monitor. The OSD buttons allow you to select five different color modes and adjust between 6 distinct colors, separately.

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  • Facilities to mount additional power supply
  • No need of driver installation
  • Best suitable for gaming
  • Optimum viewing angles


  • Expensive when compared to other displays
  • Requires two USB cables for the power and connectivity purposes

ViewSonic TD2230 Review – The incredible 22-Inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor with DisplayPort

ViewSonic TD2230 22 Inch Touchscreen Portable Monitor

The Bezel-less panel design looks attractive and gives you an aesthetic appearance. The screen is scratch resistant, which elevates its durability to several years.

The screen size it has to offer is truly an embodiment of craftsmanship and innovation, particularly for a portable monitor falling in such an affordable range. Yes, the screen size is 22 inches HD Monitor. When you analyze its viewing angles, it is extraordinary with an ultra-wide range.

The monitor delivers you an outstanding image quality along with super class IPS technology. If you are looking for faster connectivity, then this display serves your purpose with versatile connectivity.

Can you imagine the available port for connectivity? Might be a tough question I guess. It has display ports, HDMI and VGA inputs. Of course, it’s slightly pricey and costs around $319.99, but it is worth the shot! You can go for this display if you need it for official usage. It has an outstanding touchscreen facilitating 10 points projected capacitive touch.

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  • Bigger screen size
  • High image quality
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Ultra wide viewing angles


  • Expensive
  • Touch screen facility does not work well with the Mac systems

8. GeChic 1303H – 1080p Portable Computer Monitor

GeChic 1303H 1080p Portable Monitor with HDMI

I was excited to know that this display is the first lightest monitor stepped into the market for sales. It weighs about 1.5lbs. Are you eager to know about its screen size? Yeah, It is 13. 3 inches. Regarding thickness, it is less than 1cm. Quite informative am I right.

You would have struggled related to driver installation for proper working. But here you need not go for any driver installation due to the plug and play features. It is very flexible to use. You can connect with any device according to your requirements without much difficulty. Goes well with laptops, smartphones, play stations, Mac mini, etc.

Just be ready to listen to its added features. There is no lagging on the screen with the HD resolution of 1920×1080. It has a wider viewing angle about 178 degrees. Even two people can look at the screen comfortably without any glare.

Here is the good news for MAC OSX users. You can easily connect this display with Macbook pro, Mac mini using the mini display port. Safe to travel by carrying this display without any hesitation due to its aluminum external cover for rigid support.

Do you want to use this display in 3 different angles? It is possible because it could stand for 72, 62 and 53 degrees. These adjustments can be implemented using the magnetic straps.

It has an impressive color adjusting settings. Can you guess the price tag for this monitor? It is just $266. Place your order immediately.

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  • No driver installation required
  • High image quality
  • Rigid external panel with high durability
  • Optimum viewing angles
  • Anti-glare surface features
  • Excellent for Mac systems


  • It requires separate adapters for smartphones
  • Only three stand angles are feasible

9. Eleclink Portable Monitor Review – 10.1 Inch IPS Display

Eleclink 10.1 Inch Portable IPS Monitor

Have you heard about this Eleclink brand? It is well known for the manufacturing of quality displays at reasonable price tags.

You might be wondering about its price. It is quite reasonable. It costs around $100.

It is lightweight which is easy to carry in backpack while travelling. It goes well with laptops. One of the best mini portable display and good for PC, Laptops and could be use an external display with gaming consoles including PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

If you’re not big fan of huge screens, then it is the only portable display in my list which is 10-inches only.

Then what else you will be looking for to select the best product? You are right to let us identify the unique features which make it superior when compared to other brands. It has multiple inputs and best suitable for business activities. The working environment temperature ranges from -30 degree to 50 degrees. It supports various interfaces like HDMI, VGA, AV, TV, USB, etc. It serves as a multipurpose monitor.

You can easily replace your computer monitor with this display unit without much difficulty. It can be used as a replacement for various screens like a video monitor, PS4 and XBOX gaming monitor, and video player, etc.

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Take a short glance about the pros and cons for analysis purposes.


  • Low cost and affordable
  • Serves as Multipurpose monitor
  • Adaptable for various interfaces
  • Optimum working even under extreme environment temperature conditions


  • There are no external protective sleeves
  • Poor viewing angles

9. AOC e1659Fwux Portable LED Monitor

If you are looking for the bigger screen, then this product serves the purpose. Do you know the size of the monitor? It is 16-inch display area along with the high definition resolution, and it is an AOC product.  It is quite exciting. It has a TFT matrix with LCD panel.

Another interesting feature is that you can establish a faster connectivity with the help of USB3.0. Similar to other monitors you need not carry many cables during your travel. It is enough if you carry a single USB cable to provide power to the device. It looks very stylish in structure with glossy finishing. Moreover, its resolution comes around 1920*1080.

It has a flex stand to enhance the convenience of the users. Let me tell you about the software compatibility. It works well with Windows 10 OS and other operating systems too.  One of the remarkable features is that auto pivot facility to adjust between landscape and portrait modes.

You can use multiple USB monitor connectivity with the help of built-in display link technology. Now, you might be curious to know about the price.  It comes with the price tag of $159. Most probably it is affordable in the present market scenario.  Just have a look at its pros and cons.


  • Bigger screen size
  • Convenient for the travelers
  • Faster connectivity with the help of USB3.0
  • Unique features like Auto pivot and display link technology


  • Slower response time of 11ms
  • Fixed view angle like 90 degrees and 50 degree

10. HP Elite Display S140u – LED-Lit Portable Monitor for Laptop

Hewlett Packard is one of the renowned manufacturers in the electronics industry. This product has a stylish look and slim structure with optimum design features. You will be excited to know about its thickness. It measures only half the inch. It is fascinating. The display screen size is 14 inch. So there will be a wider display area as per the convenience of the customers.

Now let us look at its resolution features, and this value comes around 1600*900 with a response time of 8ms. It is more compatible with Notebook and tablet. Really comfortable because of its easy setup with just a single USB cable to provide the power supply to the system.

It has the fastest connectivity with the help of the USB3.0 port. If you are traveling, then it is enough if you carry a single cable for all purposes. Now comes the price of the product. Just make a wide guess. I am sure you might not believe this rate. It is just $99. Amazing am I right? Let us discuss the pros and cons for further analysis.


  • Easy setup with just a single cable
  • Best pair with notebook and tablet
  • Very portable and compact design
  • Reasonable cost


  • Poor screen resolution
  • Inconvenient stand features
  • Low profile brightness settings


Finally its time to conclude after reviewing a number of portable second monitor brands and their unique features. After analyzing an array of factors, the basic parameters that needs to be noted are connectivity ports, power supply features, transfer rates, size, weight, image quality and optimum view angles.

I would highly recommend ASUS MB169C+, ASUS MB169B+ and GeChic 1503I as the best external displays from the above-discussed list, since they satisfy the basic requirements of a good choice.

All of these three displays seem to be (more or less) similar in terms of their unique features. It is a good practice to take cost as one of the criteria while purchasing the product.

But if you want unique and special features, then you have to pay more for better performances. This is inevitable. This has made me neglect the cost while analyzing the top USB monitors. Moreover, it must be easy to carry during travel without much difficulty.

The other factor you have to look upon is its multi usage properties. For instance, it should work best for both business and gaming applications.

More than its appearance, I would like to give preference to its performance and portability. Since you own nothing merely by its attractive looks, so you cannot take it as a criterion while identifying the right product.

At times, you have to sacrifice some features to gain compatible properties based on your needs. Before making your purchase, just list out the basic requirements that you are looking for. Then you can have a glance at different content related to product descriptions to reach the best solution.

Most of the portable displays are manufactured for specific purposes. So recognize the purpose of your purchase before placing your order.

P.S. If you’re looking for desktop monitors then check out our Best 4K Monitors to buy in 2019 and If you’re Gaming enthusiasts then go for Best Gaming Monitors 2019.

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