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Red Dead Redemption coming to PC

Red Dead Redemption is considered by a many to be one of the best open world games. But it is also the only major game by a major developer that never got ported to PC. Well, that is about to change, and the game will be available to PC users through Sony’s PlayStation Now service. […]

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The top 7 PokeVision alternatives that actually works

Pokemon Go app

PokeVision was the first and one of the best apps. It mapped all the Pokemon that were close to a player so they can catch them. Niantic has always been against the 3rd party apps accompanying Pokemon GO as these let the users get ahead others, but this hasn’t stopped the developers to continue developing […]

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Another Red Dead Redemption 2 Teaser by Rockstar

Rockstar Games in 2010 released the original Red Dead Redemption, and it was a huge hit and garnered great reviews from the critics as well as the players. The only problem though was that it wasn’t released on PC and many people were upset about this fact. It has been more than six years since […]

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Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Pro to support 4K HDR gaming

Around E3 in June, Sony announced their PS4 Neo project which is an amped up reprise of the now three-year-old PlayStation 4. The newer console which was renamed from ‘Neo’ to PlayStation4 Pro, brings a number of upgraded features to the table including a faster processor, a better GPU and even support for 4K resolution. […]

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