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Best SSDs for Gaming 2017 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Looking forward to upgrading your gaming PC or Laptop? Don’t forget to grab any of the best gaming SSDs of 2017! Solid State Drives are the simplest and most cost-effective upgrade to boost the entire performance of a gaming rig. An SSD drive is way much more ahead of conventional HDDs, which had moving optical drives and […]

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Best 4K Monitors 2019 starting from $300

The 4K technology is evolving and content production is on the boom and I believe 2019 is the year to upgrade your 1080p computer monitor to 4k! It is everywhere from streaming (Netflix) to Gaming and Cameras.Didn’t you watch 4K YouTube videos yet? Or Streaming Netflix? Even gaming industry and studios are releasing games. Will you try […]

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10 Best Cases for Google Pixel XL

Google’s Pixel phones proved that there’s always room for more innovation and creativity. Pixel XL being one of the most demanded smartphones is already out of stock. It’s exterior looks stunning with a premium aluminum body and a glossy piece of glass at the back. Whereas the interior can be well explored with a mighty 5.5-inch […]

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The 5 best 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases, covers you can buy today

Apple’s 9.7 iPad is a fantastic tablet. That alone is enough reason to want to protect it. Yet you might be surprised to know that technological innovation has spread to the carrying cases too. Apart from protecting the aluminum body, these cases are multifunctional and versatile. Some even come with an inbuilt keyboard or waterproof […]

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Best Armbands for Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/S7

The Samsung Galaxy phones come with a vast assortment of accessories, none more impressive than the armbands. Armbands allow for the user to enjoy physical activity such as running, weight lifting, and running simple errands all while wearing the device on the arm for convenience. We have studied and sampled some of the best Samsung […]

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