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Check Out Samsung’s Galaxy S9 And S9+ Camera Hardware Leak, Dual Camera With Re-positioned Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has had a long run of leading in the department of manufacturing smartphones. In general, the company manufactures high-end smartphones with innovative technology and an amazing display which is hard to compete with. The physical design of the smartphones are solid and screams quality overall. Now, with less than a month to launch of the Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and its bigger variant the Galaxy S9+, we’re still hearing more details on what the device could have in store for us, both in terms of design and functionality. The camera is one the key aspects to consider here, so let’s get to it.

The introduction of the all-display design with minimal bezels started off with the Galaxy S8. Since the display of the device was stretched to all four corners of the device, the location of the fingerprint scanner was altered to the rear side of the device. However, the position of the fingerprint scanner was a big concern for users, they had to reach out their index finger all the way up to unlock their device.

Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9+ Will Feature Different Camera Features

Now, Samsung is re-positioning its fingerprint scanner to a more convenient location. That’s right, the fingerprint sensor will be moved to the bottom portion of the camera instead of the right-hand side. You can see the mentioned changes in the images provided by the popular tipster, Evan Blass. The said changes are mentioned countless times in multiple sources, so there’s a lot of credibility to it.

Apart from this, camera performance is one the key aspects where Samsung smartphones shine and this year, the company is working to secure its place at the top. Both the device, Galaxy  S9 and S9+ will receive different features.

The bigger variant, the Galaxy S9+ will now feature dual camera setup which will allow the S-series lineup to catch up with the rest of the industry. The smaller of the two, the Galaxy S9 will feature a camera with a variable aperture on the rear. This will allow the Galaxy S9 to adjust the amount of light getting in the camera lens.

In addition to the leak, there’s another bit of information that you should take note of related to the price of the next Galaxy S smartphone. This year’s Galaxy S launch will feature the company’s most expensive S-series smartphone to date. We will share more details as soon as it arrives.

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