40 Cool Inventions and Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

2016 has been an awesome year for new and innovative inventions that we are all sure to love, need, or simply must have. Some have been designed to save us time, some to save money, and some just do allow us to have more fun. The only question left for the world to answer is which one should be gotten first.

Most of the innovative gadgets have been funded successfully on Indiegogo, Kickstarter and have been made available for public to buy. I am sure, when you go through the complete list of these cool inventions, you’ll just love and would exactly “AWESOME”. To be frank, that is what I said when I myself saw many of the innovative technology products listed below.

When I started researching for this post, I found several cool gadgets with the aim to transform your life in a number of ways but I found the following interesting and hopefully will add more in the future. I personally thanks to all the contributors who have funded these campaigns and made the startups dreams come true. Cheers! and checkout the random list of awesome inventions 2016.

1. Tesla Model S Autopilot and Self Parking Car

Last year, Tesla Motors released a new firmware update for the Model S which is freaking awesome. Autopilot mode allows Model S to drive itself to steer within a lane, change lanes with the simple tap of a turn signal, and manage speed by using active, traffic-aware cruise control.

According to the studies, more advance technology will help to reduce accidents on roads. Digital control of motors, brakes, and steering movement is better controlled by computers that helps to avoid collisions and keep you safe.

You can learn more about the Autopilot features on the official blog.

2. Growth


These unique pots are made to grow with your plant to allow for the best and healthiest plants.

3. Here


Personalized volume, EQ, and sound and all other effects in the world by all from an App.

4. Temp Traq

This disposable sticker-like item takes baby’s temperature, tracks, and alarms if too high.

5. Cognioys Dino


This little dinosaur is an adaptive, interactive, Siri-like device that remembers what it is told and has been designed for kids 5-9. It learns, grows, and gets its’ own personality as the child does.

6. Upright


This unique gadget sends vibrations to you if and every time you slouch to train your posture.

7. Sesame

Technology allows one to lock and unlock their door in a keyless fashion from any deadbolt.


TZOA Wearable Enviro-Tracker

Smartphones are now able to work with this wearable item to track personal air quality.

9. Hackball

This interactive ball that can teach coding from social scenarios to the computer screen.

10. The Drinkable Book


Each part of this uniquely fascinating books reusable pages can clean 26 gallons of water.

11. The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1


This lovely stick-like gadget could soon replace musical instruments as we currently know them.

12. Pantelligent

Cooking on Autopilot

This one of a kind pan works on autopilot from any stove allowing anyone to be a top chef.

13. Samsung Safety Truck

Highways just got safer thanks to Samsung’s camera and TV system for semi-trucks.

14. Eko

Digital and analog stethoscope that records and stores data for precise medical care.

15. Nima

Nima - A Portable Gluten Tester

The fastest and most portable gluten tester that is on the market.

16. Microsoft’s Hololens

The first holographic computer that is fully self-contained.

17. BOLD Knot

BOLD Knot Power Bank-Charger-Cable on a Keychain

Handy 2xUSB, cordless 3-hour portable wireless cell phone charger.

18. HOVR

Desk based exercise system will have you “walking” into a more fit lifestyle.

19. Ambertick

Ambertick Dog and Cat collar

Beautiful amber cat/dog collar prevents fleas and ticks naturally for a lifetime.

20. Evapolar


Personal, energy saving, coolant free, air cooler, humidifier, air purifying system.

21. Ruggie

The world’s first talking rug alarm clock that will help you never be late again.

22. Piper

Home security, automation provider, and video monitoring system with no monthly fees ever.

23. Vufine

Magnetic, hands-free, wearable, HD display for the latest in portable technology.

24. Deus Ex Aria

Smartwatch band allowing control with easy finger gestures for maximum control.

25. Zuta

The first mini, robotic, wireless, pocket printer that weighs only 350 grams.

26.  Darma

World’s first smart cushion that records, trains, and coaches you to sit better and be healthier.

27. Bionic Bird


The 10-gram bird drone with its egg charger can be operated from your cell phone.

28. The Lampster


Personal, customizable, smartphone activated lamp, pen holder and organizer.

29. Smudgi

smudgi sticky patches for electronic devices

Screen cleaning cloth with sticker-like back for all your smart devices, computers, and tablets.

40. Gest

Intuitive hand gesture controlled operations for all your devices and more.

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