Delta: Upcoming SNES, Game Boy, and Nintendo 64 Emulator for iOS

delta-new-ios-gba-emulatorIf you are a Game Boy fan, then you would surely have heard the name GBA4iOS, as it is one the most famous Game Boy emulators for iOS. It has been praised for its simplicity and well-roundedness. GBA4iOS is a great emulator but what if you wanted to play games on other handhelds and consoles.

That’s where the new emulator from the same developer, Mr. Testut, comes in. He recently teased his new development for iOS, Delta, on his Twitter page. He posted a link to the new emulator’s website, deltaemulator.com where the name ‘Delta’ is written over blurred images of various Nintendo handhelds like the Game Boy Color and GBA.

Delta will include iCloud sync, saving feature for stats and cheats, controller support. Although it’s not yet confirmed, Delta emulator may also include support for Sony consoles such as PlayStation and the PlayStation Portable as well. The only major thing that is left to know about the emulator is how will it be distributed to the public i.e. via App Store or by manually side loading the app.

Testut also said in response to the questions of his Twitter followers, that Delta would also be coming to the Apple TV and some technical issues need that to be worked out. He also mentioned that the first beta for the Delta emulator would be released sometime in December and it would be released to the public in early 2017.

In the past, many emulators have been created for iOS, but they always got revoked from the app store, by Apple or were forced to shut down because of copyright infringement. The developer’s last emulator, GBA4iOS was shut down by a DMCA notice in 2014. Let’s hope that Delta doesn’t face the same issues and stays for a long time after it’s released.

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