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Download Android Platform Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac: Latest & Older versions

Android Platform Tools are a collection of command-line tools and utilities that are designed to help developers with debugging, testing, and deploying applications on Android devices. These tools are included as part of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit), which is a set of software development tools that developers use to create and test Android applications.

Some of the key tools included in the Android Platform Tools are:

  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge): This is a versatile command-line tool that allows developers to communicate with Android devices connected to their development machine. ADB can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as installing and uninstalling apps, transferring files between the device and the computer, and capturing device screenshots and video.
  • Fastboot: This is a tool that is used to update the firmware on Android devices. It can be used to install new operating system images, recovery images, and other system files.
  • Systrace: This tool provides detailed tracing information about system events, CPU usage, and other performance metrics. It is often used by developers to diagnose performance issues in their apps and optimize them for better performance.
  • Monitor: This is a graphical tool that provides real-time information about running processes on an Android device. It can be used to monitor CPU usage, memory usage, network activity, and other system metrics.

Android Platform Tools are typically used by developers who are working on Android apps and need to test and debug them on real devices. They are also used by Android power users who want to modify their devices, such as by unlocking the bootloader, rooting them, or installing custom ROMs.

To use Android Platform Tools, developers need to download and install the Android SDK on their development machine. Once installed, they can use the command-line tools to connect to their Android devices and perform a wide range of tasks. I have already written and made a video tutorial on how to install & setup ADB / fastboot drivers on Windows.

Download Links:

Here’s a table that includes the file version and download link for each of the recent versions of Android Platform Tools:

Note: If you’re planning to use the platform tools for flashing a factory image or a custom ROM then don’t use the R34 version, instead download R33 version, because I have personally tested and it has some bugs and will give you errors.

File Version Download Link Release Date
R34.0.5 Windows, macOS, Linux October 2023
R34.0.4 Windows, macOS, Linux July 2023
R34.0.1 Windows, macOS, Linux March 2023
R34.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux February 2023
R33.0.3 Windows, macOS, Linux August 2022
R33.0.2 Windows, macOS, Linux May 2022
R33.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux February 2022
R32.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux January 2022
R31.0.2 Windows, macOS, Linux April 2021
R30.0.4 Windows, macOS, Linux July 2020

In summary, Android Platform Tools are an essential part of the Android development ecosystem. They provide developers with powerful command-line tools for testing, debugging, and deploying Android applications on real devices, and they are an essential resource for anyone who wants to modify or customize their Android device.

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