Download Android Platform Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac: Latest & Older versions

It is a comprehensive guide on downloading Android Platform Tools for Windows, Linux, and Mac. These tools are essential for developers to debug, test, and deploy applications on Android devices. This page provides detailed information on these tools, their uses, and download links for the latest and older versions.

What Are Android Platform Tools?

Android Platform Tools are a collection of command-line tools and utilities included in the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Developers use these tools to debug, test, and deploy applications on Android devices.

Key Tools Included

Here are some of the key tools included in the Android Platform Tools:

Download Android Platform Tools

  • ADB (Android Debug Bridge): A versatile command-line tool that lets developers communicate with Android devices connected to their development machine. It performs tasks such as installing and uninstalling apps, transferring files, and capturing device screenshots and videos.
  • Fastboot: This tool updates the firmware on Android devices. It installs new operating system images, recovery images, and other system files.
  • Systrace: Provides detailed tracing information about system events, CPU usage, and other performance metrics. Developers use it to diagnose performance issues and optimize their apps.
  • Monitor: A graphical tool that provides real-time information about running processes on an Android device. It monitors CPU usage, memory usage, network activity, and other system metrics.

Alternative Method: How to install Fastboot ADB on Windows

Why You Need Android Platform Tools

Developers typically use Android Platform Tools to test and debug their apps on real devices. Android power users also use these tools to modify their devices, such as unlocking the bootloader, rooting them, or installing custom ROMs.

Download Android Platform Tools

Below is a table that includes the file version and download link for each of the recent versions of Android Platform Tools:

Note: If you plan to use the platform tools for flashing a factory image or a custom ROM, avoid using the R34 version. Instead, download the R33 version, as it has been tested and is free of bugs.

File Version Download Link Release Date
R35.0.1 Windows, macOS, Linux March 2024
R35.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux February 2024
R34.0.5 Windows, macOS, Linux October 2023
R34.0.4 Windows, macOS, Linux July 2023
R34.0.1 Windows, macOS, Linux March 2023
R34.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux February 2023
R33.0.3 Windows, macOS, Linux August 2022
R33.0.2 Windows, macOS, Linux May 2022
R33.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux February 2022
R32.0.0 Windows, macOS, Linux January 2022
R31.0.2 Windows, macOS, Linux April 2021
R30.0.4 Windows, macOS, Linux July 2020

Installation Guide

To use Android Platform Tools, follow these steps to install them on your development machine:

  1. Download the Tools:
    • Choose the appropriate version for your operating system from the table above.
    • Download and extract the files to a convenient location on your computer.
  2. Set Up ADB and Fastboot:
    • Add the extracted folder to your system PATH.
    • On Windows:
      • Open the System Properties window.
      • Click on the “Environment Variables” button.
      • Find the “Path” variable in the System variables section and click “Edit.”
      • Add the path to the extracted folder.
    • On macOS and Linux:
      • Open the terminal.
      • Add the path to the extracted folder in your shell profile file (e.g., .bash_profile, .zshrc).
      • Example: export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/extracted/folder
  3. Verify Installation:
    • Open a command prompt or terminal.
    • Type adb --version and fastboot --version to ensure the tools are installed correctly.

For a detailed walkthrough, check out our video tutorial on how to install and set up ADB and Fastboot drivers on Windows.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you encounter any issues while using Android Platform Tools, here are some common troubleshooting steps:

  • ADB Not Recognizing Device: Ensure USB debugging is enabled on your Android device and that you have installed the necessary USB drivers.
  • Fastboot Command Not Working: Check that your device is in Fastboot mode and that the cable connection is secure.
  • Permission Denied Errors: On macOS and Linux, use sudo before the command to grant administrative privileges.


Q1: Can I use Android Platform Tools on multiple operating systems? A1: Yes, Android Platform Tools are available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Download the appropriate version for your operating system.

Q2: How often are Android Platform Tools updated? A2: Google regularly updates Android Platform Tools to add new features and fix bugs. Check for the latest version periodically.

Q3: Is it safe to download Android Platform Tools from third-party sites? A3: It is recommended to download Android Platform Tools directly from the official Android developer website or trusted sources to avoid potential security risks.

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