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Dropbox alternatives: The 5 Best Cloud Storage Service Providers

Dropbox is one of the best and well-known cloud storage company for file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Dropbox offers access to files across your devices, share securely with your team, and create online docs, retrieve and edit the stored data.

Since Dropbox is sort of pioneer in the cloud computing, for most users – it is still the only option. Unaware of the fact that there are many alternatives providing almost similar or additional file hosting service, people yet consider Dropbox as the only option. Progeeks will help you to find similar service providers, who are somehow providing the same features at a very reasonable price as compared to dropbox.

Google Drive, Box.com, Copy etc. – can be termed as Dropbox alternatives for containing almost the similar or modified features. Though having all the cloud’s database features – they also provide additional ones too. Most of the providers in the list have premium and free storage plans. Below we have compared the top five alternatives and analyzed them in greater details is why they’re the best and what they lack in comparison.

Here take a look at the best alternatives:


1. Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the cloud service providers and a direct competitor to Dropbox. Giving up to 15 GB of storage capacity for free, it also has premium plans. So if you are looking for a greater storage capacity. Then selecting Google Drive as your cloud database is a perfect option.

Its premium plans vary from $1.99 to $299.9. Also, it provides protection layers to your data. Guaranteeing to refrain any third-party’s access to your information, Google ensures data security and data protection.

Google Drive is 15 times greater than what Dropbox provides. While you deal with Google Drive, you can also have data clients on Windows and Mac and move your data to Google cloud from those clients.

On the other hand, there are also applications available on both Android and iOS. From those apps, you can store data directly to the cloud server.

You can Visit Site to learn more about Google drive features and pricing.

How is it different from Dropbox?

You can store data of having size up to 5TB while in Dropbox the limit is 10GB. Dropbox also doesn’t provide any additionals apps to be dealt with. In Google Drive, free storage capacity is 15GB whilst in Dropbox, it is only 2GB.

2. Box.com

Box offers 10GB of free space. Its premium plans start from $6 (100GB space with 2GB size limit) up to $17(Unlimited storage capacity with 5GB size limit).

Like other cloud servers, this one too keeps security purpose as its number one priority. The goal is to ensure the safety of users data, that too in the most flexible prices.

Box.com is pretty efficient. Its efficiency is a reason to why it is different from other cloud platforms.

It is easily operatable and with additional Android and iOS applications, it becomes more simple. You can easily manipulated the data you have stored in its cloud server by applications.

These apps work as a source to edit, extract and perform further other operations on your mentioned data, present over your cloud server.

How is it different from Dropbox?

Box.com provides free storage up to 10GB. On the other hand, Dropbox delivers it up to 5GB.

You can visit the site to learn more about features and pricing.

3. Sync.com

Open their official site, the banner says, “Like Dropbox, but secure”. That’s right! Sync.com ensures standard security to its users.

As you start to store the files in it, you’re requested to layer your stored data with encryption.

Encryption is a process which allows adding passwords to your files. While you scope to do so, a thought might strike your mind, saying, “Do they synchronize our data and privacy?”.

Undoubtedly, they do not. Sync.com provides all the features of a good cloud system, enabling you to store, retrieve, manipulate and perform multiple operations to your stored data.

Including this, it even allows you to put a security to your stored information. Also, your added passwords are not even transmitted to the web holders.

Giving you flexible cloud options to deal with, Sync.com is indeed uprising its standards.

How is it different from Dropbox?

The security system is exceptional. While the options are quite similar to Dropbox, Sync.com yet holds greater standards for having a better security system.

You can visit the official site to learn more about features and pricing.

4. OneDrive

It offers free storage space of 20GB. Its premium plans begin from $1.99 to $6.99. Giving up to 100GB of space on $1.99, the premium plan also includes the service of providing storage space up to 1TB.

The service was previously known by the name as Sky Drive. It is a service owned by Microsoft. The cloud server initially offers storage capacity of up to 7GB. However, as you make subscription of Microsoft Office Home, the free space rises to 20GB.

Providing multiple apps on both iOS and Android interface, OneDrive makes it easier for its users to operate data by their devices.

How is it different from Dropbox?

File size storage capacity is up to 5GB in OneDrive which is three times greater than Dropbox.

You can visit website to learn more about features and pricing.

5. CloudMe

In CloudMe, you find a cloud desktop within the server. You can locate specific folders and files in it. Then you can store your data specifically to folders.

This avoids the complexity of information available in the cloud server. You can easily manipulate data separately, without causing any abruption in other entities of the database.

With free storage capacity of 19GB space, you can store in it as much data. However, there stays a little drawback which allows users to only add the files which hold 150MB.

CloudMe focuses to provide a kind of database which is as structured as possible. For such purpose it offers unique features to maintain the ease of users.

Its services are available for all the major operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

How is it different from Dropbox?

CloudMe is far greater than Dropbox when it comes to organizing data. In Dropbox, it isn’t allowed to create further files within the cloud server. However, CloudMe ensures to offer a pretty organized pattern to its users. Hence, the data you store here is very well structured.

You can visit the site to learn more about features and pricing.


Focus isn’t to completely avoid Dropbox but to explore similar other platforms. Thus, get an exposure of one of these mentioned cloud servers. They are flexible and offer great ease with multiple features.

Analyze your requirements and see which one of these cloud hosts fit best to your needs. With them, good security is indeed assured. Get your hands off from the Dropbox already and explore the other side of the cloud World.

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