5 Best DVD Player for Windows 10 That YOU Really Need Today

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft abandoned Windows Media Center in Windows 10. Which means that Windows 10 doesn’t have a built-in DVD player software anymore. Seems like DVD’s are now old school, but actually they are not. The Internet might have changed things, but DVDs still have a consistent demand.

So when Microsoft observed that people are not happy with this news, and they might stick to Windows 8 for convenience. They instantly released Windows 10 DVD Player app, but unlike WMC it isn’t free and will cost $15. But wait, the DVD player is a very essential function for any operating system, and Windows users used to have free options all the time. Seems like they are used to free software support, but Microsoft’s strategy has changed a lot.

Let Microsoft play their paid apps strategy game, and we won’t change our mind to pay extra bucks for DVD player app! Let’s learn how to play any DVD on Windows 10 for free, with some of the best DVD players software for Windows 10.

Best DVD Player for Windows 10

These media players are not only free, but they offer better features as compared to Microsoft’s paid DVD Player App.

1. 5K Player – Built-in with free AirPlay receiver and sender


The 5k player has been a top ranking DVD player app for Windows 10. It has the ability to play any DVD on Win 10 hassle free, let it be a regular DVD with ISO files or a commercial copy and region protected one. The elegant user interface is truly lightweight with quick responsive DVD detection compatibility.

The 5k player uses latest codec technology to play newer media format files. Whereas the long list of supported formats is never ending but as we are more concerned about DVD media files. It can seamlessly play MKV, IOS, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV and even more. Not only that as the 5K player can also partially support 4K Blu-ray on Windows 10.

What’s better than streaming DVDs from Windows 10 across all your devices? 5K Player might replace any of your win 10 media players due to its endless features. As it has the AirPlay support, can download online videos from 300+ websites, fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS, and much more.

Head over to download and install the best free DVD player app for Windows 10, with the link below.

2. VLC – Best Media Player for Windows


I haven’t seen a Windows PC without VLC media player installed. It is one of the most essential software and luckily it can play DVD on Windows 10 for free. There are no video formats that VLC can’t play, not that I know of and VLC is the most trusted third-party media player in the market.

VLC media player has evolved over time to bring us some of the essential features. Let it be a formal video presentation or even an entertainment movie session. From any kind of music to nearly all video formats, VLC is a must have DVD player for Windows.

All you have to do is to insert your required DVD or VCD into the disc drive and let VLC play them automatically. It’s seamlessly stable and lightweight to sit inside your Windows 10 PC. Additional features like the subtitles grabber, the online streaming support, built-in video converter and much more would probably force you into choosing VLC as a primary media player on Windows 10.

3. POT DVD Player – Experience Smooth, seamless video play


PotPlayer is again a multi-talented free DVD player for Windows 10 powered by Daum Communications. It offers enhanced hardware acceleration for immense 2D and even 3D DVD playbacks. It’s mainly focused to play latest media formats and might not support some older ones. Whereas the built-in variety of codecs are sufficient to fill your DVD playback appetite on Windows 10.

The smoothly interactive interface has so much to offer like the ability to play more than 30 DVD, VCD and SVCD video formats on Windows 10. PotPlayer can even play DRM-X protected DVD media free of cost. Head over to the link below, to learn more about it.

4. BS Player


Looking for a free DVD player for Windows 10 that can do a lot more than that?

BS DVD Player is the one you must try out today. As it’s primary media playing abilities are endless along with the powerful secondary features. Starting from a great video format support for Windows 10 and auto codec installation to a highly customizable interface with skins.

The basic version is free to play any DVD on Windows 10, whereas the Pro version comes with some additional goodies. You must try out the free version as it might just be sufficient for you. Or fly over to the BS free DVD player official site for in-depth information, with the link below.

5. Blaze DVD Player


Blaze DVD player is a professionally specialized media player for playing DVD, VCD, SVCD and a normal CD. It’s marketed by the exact same phrase “World’s #1 Region Free DVD Player for Windows 10” and trust me it’s as good as it says!

Blaze is a multi-featured media player with a stunning interface and very stable playback performance. The free version will bring in enough colors to your entertainment life with all the essential features of a media player. Nearly any audio or video format file would play hassle free on Windows 10.

If you are eager to grab a free software to play DVD on Windows 10. I suggest you to instantly try out the free version of Blaze DVD Player or drive over to its official web page from the link provided.

So which of the best free DVD player app for Win 10 did you like the most? Do let us know in the comment box below!

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