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Top 25 Free Proxy Sites for School for Safe & Anonymous Browsing

A few days ago, I published a post for video streaming proxy sites and I got some good response from blog readers in my email and Facebook inbox. Many of you requested to get more free proxy sites for school & college use that authentic and dedicated. Well, the one shared in that post were good enough and can be used for normal browsing to access blocked sites including Social media and YouTube.

But you probably would have noticed, as the IT lab administrator finds about the most frequently used proxy sites they add those to block list and you may not be able to access these sites the next day.

You may also have noticed the popular proxy sites like HideMyAss would have already been blocked and you may not be able to access it. So here is a tip for you, don’t go for well-known sites and don’t ever share the working proxies with your friends. The more it is used the sooner, server administrator will find about the site and will instantly block it.

How a Proxy Server Works?

Before using any proxy site let me show you some geeks stuff. It is good to know how a proxy server works. The diagram is clear enough to understand the whole process but let me explain it in with clear explanation.

Stage 1: You first visit a website using a mobile device, PC or Mac using private IP.

Stage 2: Here at this point assuming that you’re using a proxy server will replace your IP Address and assign a new IP Address to mask your IP address.

Now when you visit any blocked website using a proxy site in this case, your IP address will be automatically masked or hidden.


Today, I have found around 50 proxy sites that you can instantly use in your school to access any site. 50 are good enough for the whole day and I will make sure that post gets updated on daily basis so that you don’t go out of working proxies list.

Proxy Sites for School

List of the most reliable proxy sites for fast and anonymous browsing in your school and college.
Proxy Site NameURL
Free Open Proxyhttp://freeopenproxy.com
Proxy Turbohttps://proxyturbo.com/
Unblock My Webhttp://www.unblockmyweb.com/
Proxy Fusehttp://proxyfuse.net
New Ip Nowhttp://newipnow.com
Ublock Proxyhttp://unblock-proxy.com
Rapid Proxyhttp://www.unblockproxy.pk
Unblock Videoshttps://unblockvideos.com
Quick Proxhttp://quickprox.com
Stardoll Proxyhttps://www.stardollproxy.com
Ninja Browsehttps://www.ninjabrowse.com
Yellow Proxyhttps://www.yellowproxy.net
Site Unblockerhttps://www.unblocker.us
Don't Filterhttp://dontfilter.us

How to use a proxy site in School?

If you haven’t used any proxy site, don’t worry we have simple step-by-step instructions below on the whole process which is pretty simple and easy to use.

Step 1: Go to any of the sites above-mentioned.

Step 2: Choose server location and type your favorite site URL.

Step 3: Click go and that’s it.

Finally, I hope you’ve found your favorite site to browse any blocked site in your school. Let me know if you have any issues in the comment section below.

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