Possibly The Galaxy Note 9 Will Be Announced Earlier As Firmware Development Already In Process

The latest unveiling from Samsung is its flagship smartphone of the year, the Galaxy S9 and its bigger version the Galaxy S9+. While the devices have featured positive reviews throughout its time, it has also faced criticism regarding specific aspects of the device. For instance, Bixby is the same old virtual assistant with little or no improvements. However, the device is still living in its golden days and more in it will be revealed in the time to come. What we’re excited about next from Samsung is its behemoth of a smartphone. Yes, we’re talking about the Galaxy Note 9.

Upon digging, we have come to know that the device could possibly be launched earlier than its usual time frame. This is due to the fact that the firmware development is already in the process which gives room for an earlier release compared to the usual annual upgrade cycle of the Galaxy Note 8. With the device available early, it could boost the number of sales and mark its dominance in the year 2018.

Galaxy Note 9 To Arrive Early Than Its Usual Time Frame

the latest reports shares that Samsung has started on the development of the Galaxy Note 9 firmware. At this point, we have come to know that the Korean tech giant is testing two firmware builds for the Galaxy Note 9 which will be released sometime later this year. Usually, the firmware development takes place a few months before the release of the Samsung device. Since it is here, we will adhere to an early release.

More on the device, the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be Samsung’s very first smartphone to house an in-display fingerprint sensor. The two build numbers for the firmware development of the Galaxy Note 9 are as follows:

  • N960FXXE0ARB7
  • N960FXXU0ARC5

Furthermore, the tests being carried out on the firmware are on a global scale. Last year, Samsung did not begin the testing process of the Galaxy Note 8 processor until April of last year. So we might have a good chance of seeing the Galaxy Note 9 arriving earlier than the usual dates.

The Note 9 will be the company’s flagship of the year with powerful internals and features which we have not yet discovered. Probably, there will be new leaks and rumors generated before the device is officially unveiled. Obviously, it will be one of the fastest devices out there.

Do you think the Galaxy Note 9 from Samsung will arrive early than its usual time frame?


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