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Galaxy S9 And S9+ Set To Release On March 16, Here’s When You Can Pre-Order It

Samsung Galaxy S9 and its bigger variant are the hot topics this week as announcement nears in. A few hours back, the device’s hand-on live images were leaked that gave us a clear insight into how it will look like. In short, the device has been manufactured in last year’s design with further improvements and refinements. If you’re waiting for the device to hit the shelves, be sure to note that the device has now been given a release date along with the pre-order date. So let’s check it out in a little more detail.

Research reveals that Samsung is expected to lose a major smartphone market, thanks to Apple and the rise of other Chinese phone manufacturers

As we have mentioned earlier, Samsung’s upcoming flagship of the year, the Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S9+ have been given a release date of March 16. This states that after the announcement on February 25, the device will hit the shelves on the 16th of March. However, what’s even more important is the pre-order date which is said to take place a lot earlier.

Galaxy S9 To Be Released On March 16, Pre-Orders To Start Much Before That

If you’re willing to pre-order Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S9 or its bigger plus sized variant, you can pre-order it beforehand to get your hands on early. Even though the final pre-order date is not yet known, it’s highly likely that the device will be given a pre-order date within this week. The announcement will add upon the pre-order date, so be sure to stay tuned in for that.

Apart from this, Samsung could also be taking up to $350 in trade-ins. However, it’s a mere rumor at this stage and all eligible device to support the programs are not yet listed. If there is the trade-in case then we will surely let you guys know about it.

The main selling point of the devices will be its enhanced camera. The device which was once looked as the boss in the category has fallen a wee bit behind the like of the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2. It is not like the camera on the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 is bad by any means. They still take one of the best shots, even better than the Pixel 2 and the iPhone in certain situations.

However, the functionalities extending from the camera department are a little left idle, which the company will be addressing this year. There are a whole lot of features to be announced in the coming days so visit us.

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