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Galaxy S9+ Vs iPhone X – Speed Test Compares App Load Time, Network And More [Video]

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S9 and S9+ last month. While the design of the device is kept pretty much the same compared to its last year’s iteration of the device, it does pack in some serious power and new features. The upgrades were made in the camera department, the refined external design of the handset, camera and the display. The display is one of the best ones that Samsung has ever made and also tops the OLED display on the iPhone X in certain situations.

Galaxy S9+ Put Against The iPhone X In A Speed Test Comparison

However, we are all wondering how the Samsung Galaxy S9 will compare against the iPhone X in terms of performance. While on paper, the Galaxy S9 beats the iPhone X in terms of internals, but that is not enough to make a decision and real-world performance always has a part to play. YouTuber by the name of EverythingApplePro has conducted a speed test comparison that puts the Galaxy 9+ head to head with the iPhone. Let’s check it out.

If you have already watched the video, you would have known by now that the Galaxy S9+ is running the Snapdragon 845 with 6GB of RAM and the iPhone X with its custom A11 Bionic coupled with 3GB of RAM. It can be seen that the Galaxy S9+ definitely loads some apps faster than the iPhone X. However, the iPhone X shines when it comes to serious processor intensive apps. The S9+ takes a wee bit longer when opening heavy applications.

Apart from this, the raw power originating from the A11 Bionic chip allows the iPhone X to render and export 4K video faster than the Galaxy S9+. In the first round, the iPhone X took 2 minutes and 55 seconds to complete the test which was 9 seconds faster than the Galaxy S9+. However, the additional 3GB of RAM on the S9+ from the iPhone X allows it to load and resume the previously opened apps faster than the latter handset. The Galaxy S9+ keeps most of the data in its memory and resumes from where the app was left off.

The extra RAM allows Galaxy S9+ to win the second round with 44 seconds and the iPhone X completed the test in 1 minute and 10 seconds. We can see where the extra RAM comes in handy. The test showed to sides of the operations. While the iPhone X won the app load time section, the Galaxy S9+ went ahead in keeping the opened apps in memory.

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