Google PhotoScan helps you digitize your old photos


Google PhotoScan app for Android and iOS. Credit: technobuffalo.com

PhotoScan is a new app developed by Google recently. The purpose of this app is to help the users make digital copies of their old printed photos without any hassle. It is now available for both Android and iOS Appstore and features a unique interface using which, a user can easily and efficiently scan a large number of pictures.

Although the app offers a higher quality and includes instructions on how to get the best results, the quality is still lower than a scan done using a flat-bed scanner.

UI of the app is very straightforward and elegant to use. It doesn’t require any login or connection to the user’s Google account. Simply open the app and point the camera towards a photo. Four dots then appear on the screen, nd you have to just move the phone’s camera over each dot and keep it still until the circle is filled completely, this indicates that the scan has completed for that portion of the picture. When all the dots have been scanned, the picture is digitized and you can start scanning the next picture.

The app also has some neat features bundled with it. For example:

  • Auto enhance the photos with just one click, which automatically adjusts things like exposure and saturation.
  • 12 new filters that can be applied manually to the pictures depending on your liking.
  • Advanced editing sliders to help you set the different parameters such as shadows, highlights and warmth.

It may be noted that the PhotoScan is made by the same team working on Google Photos and this new app may be a move to convince the users to use Google Photos as a free, online backup service for pictures since you can easily upload your photos to their online service very quickly and without any hassle.

Source: Google

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