Google Is Planning To Launch A Mid-Range Pixel With Snapdragon 710

Even though last year’s Google Pixel 2 did not feature the trending taller 18:9 display, it was premium priced. It made sense for the Pixel 2 XL but for a smartphone with gigantic head and chin, the device seemed a pretty old age. However, there are some new details on Google’s attempts to launch a mid-range budget Pixel device. The news not only points at a budget price but some specification details also reflect the category.

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There are several users who would opt to go with the stock Android software coupled with Google’s hardware. Henceforth, it would make perfect sense for the company to launch a mid-range device which would cater the needs of budget users. Nonetheless, we can already presume that the device will cut off some premium features which the company will incorporate in its flagship devices.

Google Expected To Launch A Budget Pixel Next year With Snapdragon 710

According to previous reports, Google was working on an affordable Pixel handset to target the budget market. As we have mentioned earlier, the device would feature Snapdragon 710. The Snapdragon 710 is Qualcomm’s slightly cheaper SoC but packs quite a bit of power to accomplish your everyday needs. The latest device to have shipped with the Snapdragon 710 is the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE which was announced a few days ago.

The tip suggests that the device could potentially be launched this year, but let’s just not jump to the end as the device is scheduled to be launched in 2019. The news comes from Rolan Quandt, a tech reporter from WinFuture. He states on Twitter that Google is working on a Snapdragon 710-powered device. While the big G is seen to rely on Qualcomm for silicon support, it was also previously reported that the company will make its own custom hardware. To bolster the news, Google manufacturers its own silicon found deep inside the Visual Core of the Pixel 2.

The Snapdragon 710 is capable of bringing flagship features to mid-range smartphones so it will definitely be a step up from previous versions of the processors. For instance, to compare the price of the upcoming budget device from Google, the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE has been priced at $281 in China and it too features a Snapdragon 710. It will run stock Android and will support timely updates, so that’s a win-win for all. We will share more details on the budget pixel device as soon as it arrives.

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