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Grammarly is here to improve your sentences and is a free download for iOS and Android

Grammarly is a very popular application to help you get your sentences in the right order as well as fix your punctuation marks by a long shot. Unfortunately, the application was only available to use on your PC or Mac. The developing team has been hard at work because Grammarly now supports both the iOS and Android platforms.

Grammarly is here to improve your sentences and is a free download for iOS and Android

“Whenever you type with the keyboard, Grammarly will check your writing and make sure your message is clear, effective, and mistake-free. For Grammarly Premium users, the keyboard will also suggest style improvements and vocabulary enhancements. You’ll see the suggestions along the top of the keyboard, and you can accept a change just by tapping it. If you want to know why Grammarly made a particular suggestion, you can open the correction to see an explanation.”

Currently, you can choose to specify what sort of English you want to set by default on your iOS or Android smartphone. It can either be set to American or British and if you have grasped this language quite well you would know that there is a huge level of differences between them.

For now, the only caveat seems to be the lack of support for gliding. Glide support on your Android or iOS device has a way of increasing your typing speed somewhat and the lack of support for it might seem like a deal breaker for lots of users out there. However, the Grammarly team is here to put a smile on your face once more because the team claims that it will be releasing more features with future updates.

“Not yet—we wanted to give our Android users access to the app as soon as it was ready. But we do know that glide input is an essential feature for many Android users, so it’s something we will be tackling in the future. Keep an eye out for updates!”

If you want to get started with Grammarly the download links have been listed below.

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