What we want in the next Grand Theft Auto 6 new release

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online were awesome games by themselves but there is always room for improvement, right? So, here we have compiled a list of the things that we need in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, let’s get right into it:

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Customizable Guns


Rockstar should make the guns more advanced and customizable. They can add different attachments that could be bought in-store such as a red dot sight. Another feature that can be included is more camo options like desert or grass camos for the guns. Gun variety can also be improved in the GTA 6.

More Detail in Multiplayer


Single player mode in the GTA 5 had amazing graphics but when playing multiplayer in GTA Online, the graphics quality dropped significantly. This was done to save the bandwidth and make the game playable for users with slow internet connections. However, this could change with the launch of GTA 6 as the global average internet speed has increased greatly in the recent years.

Improved Loading Times


Gamers usually spend most of their times in front of the loading screen instead of actually playing the game in GTA V and this is so annoying for the gamers. For the GTA VI to be a success, Rockstar definitely has to improve the loading times in the game as the GTA V had some of the worst loading times in the gaming industry.

Custom Houses


A major problem with the GTA V is that all the apartments have one of the four pre-defined interiors and it gets dull after a while to look at them. In GTA 6, Rockstar can add unique interiors for all the homes and add a customization option so that the players can move and buy more stuff for their homes. Players can buy different sized televisions, beds etc. if this feature is included in the game.

A Realism Mode


Like The Sims, GTA 6 might include a realism mode. In this mode, the player would have to take care of their character just like they do with themselves in real life. The characters could be taught different languages and learn new tricks. Rockstar might add a feature that enables the characters to be fed and keep their energy high to survive just like in the real world. The characters would have to earn money to pay their bills just like a normal person does. This could give an interesting new perspective to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Car Customizations


In the past, car customization in GTA has been really lagging behind other competitive games. The only options were to swap an engine and that too didn’t have a great impact on the overall performance of the car. However, this could all change with the launch of GTA 6 as it could include the ability to customize the whole interior and exterior of the vehicle, increase the car’s performance by using different mods and the ability to add decals to the vehicles just like the Need for Speed franchise.

More Players in Online mode

In the current GTA Online game, the number of players on one server is very limited but the map of the game is so huge that sometimes the players don’t come across other players on the streets as much as they would like. So, maybe in the GTA 6, this limit can be increased to 100-200 or more players per server. Of course, this would slow down the server but just imagine the type of fun players could have if this kind of feature is implemented by Rockstar.

What would you like to see in the Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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