Here Are The Five Best Car USB Chargers You Can Buy This Year

For all of those who love to travel, charging your gadget might be an issue for sure. We’re not talking about your smartphone, but your tablet and cameras as well. If you’re someone who is planning to go on a trip, you must be looking for the best solution at hand according to your needs.

We have the best solution for your everyday needs. To tackle the charging situation, we have compiled a list of five best car USB chargers that you can buy in 2017. The list constitutes of various items that might differ in design and somewhat utility but they get the job done amazingly.

In addition to this, we also care about the bucks that you spend, so do not be alarmed, the list has been curated to get you the best bang for your every buck. So let’s dig in.

5 Best Car USB Chargers That You Can Buy This Year

These are the best car USB chargers that you can buy this year. Do take note the prices may vary from one product to another. You have the ability to order it from the linked online retailer. Moreover, the prices may also vary from one retailer to the other.

Anker PowerDrive 4

To start off, the Anker PowerDrive 4 is the best solution for you if you have a car full of people. This specific car USB charger allows four devices to be charged at once at full speed simultaneously.

In addition to this, the size of the PowerDrive 4 is considerably compact taking into account that it charges four devices all at once. Furthermore, it can charge your smartphones as well as your tablets at a full rate.

The Anker PowerDrive 4 supports the iPhone 6s, 7, 8 and the iPhone X as well and all the Plus variants associated with the listed iPhone models, so that’s a plus. Moreover, you can also charge your iPad Pro and almost all of the Android devices available.

You can get the Anker PowerDrive 4 from Amazon at a price of $17.99.

CHARGED Quick Charge 3.0/2.0 And USB Type-C

If you happen to have a device that supports fast charging, CHARGED Quick Charge might be the one-stop solution for you. Just like Anker’s PowerDrive 4, CHARGE Quick Charge also allows you to charge four devices all at once or simultaneously.

There are two advantages associated if you choose to opt for CHARGED Quick Charge. For one, you have the ability to fast charge four of your devices at once. Secondly, it also features a USB Type C port for your supported devices.

You have the ability to Quick Charge via a USB 3.0 port as well as a Quick Charge USB 2.0 port for specific devices. In addition to this, it also features a USB Type C port if you happen to have that cable.

CHARGED Quick Charge is available from Amazon for $18.99.

AUKEY CC-S1 Car Charger

The Aukey XX-S1 is a pretty standard car USB charger that simply gets the job done. If you do not own a device that supports fast charging or you do not need any additional ports on the go, then this might best suit your needs.

Nonetheless, the Aukey CC-S1 sports a design that’s both compact and appealing. Simply put it inside the lighter connector and you’re good to go. However, it does feature two ports instead of one in case you need an extra at times.

Even though it is pretty standard in terms of functionality, it does charge at full speed with 5V 2.4A of a dedicated adaptive power output per USB port. So that’s basically a good thing.

You can get the Aukey CC-S1 Car Charger from Amazon for $8.99.

Zus Smart Car Charger

Now Zus Smart Car charger is a little different than all the other USB car chargers. This is due to the fact that it offers greater functionality apart from just charging your device.

The Zus Smart Car Charger comes with a dedicated companion app for your smartphone. It not only charges your device but also acts as a located. So you will never forget where you parked you car. The dedicated iOS or Android app on your smartphone will guide you where you where your vehicle is.

Apart from this, the Zus Smart Car Charger also features a fair amount of good charging speed. It is designed pretty well and is better looking than any other car charger out there.

You can purchase the Zus Smart Car Charger from Amazon at a price of $27.99.

Jelly Comb 6 Port Charger

Perfect for families, the Jelly Comb car USB charger is quite handy for long trips. Today, each family member has his or her own device that needs to be charged. To tackle this, the Jelly Comb features 6 ports that can charge all devices simultaneously.

The Jelly Comb car USB charger also supports blazing fast 65W rapid charging for six of your devices. It also features the technology that recognizes the device and distributes power accordingly. This will be safe for your car as well as your device.

The design of the device is pretty unique as well. you simply put the connector in the lighter port and it then extends a wired cable that can be placed anywhere in the car. This is due to the fact that everyone can take advantage of it.

You can get the Jelly Comb six port charger from Amazon at a decent price of $14.99.

These are the five best car USB chargers that you can buy this year and cater the need of every individual. Whether, you are a single person driver, a family guy or someone who does not want to spend that much on a car USB charger, you can opt any one of these.

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