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Hickam FCU has been serving finance industry for over 75 years. Being the 6th largest credit union in the State of Hawaii, Hickam Federal Union serves over 50,000 registered members. It’s been a very trusted platform for both lenders and borrowers around the globe. The wide range of products and services makes banking much easier and user-friendly.

From basic student loans to foreign remittance management, Hickam FCU makes a true difference for its members. They believe in serving according to the needs of their members. Whereas the corporate social responsibility is one of their primary objectives. And if you are reading this article, the chances are that you are already an HFCU member. If not then become a member of this reputable credit union today.

There’s good news for all the union members today. Due to massive globalization and the world becoming a global village, there is a great need to get real control over online banking facilities. Let’s get ahead of using ATM’s or even conventional website methods to perform a basic banking transaction.

As the good news is that now you can actually control a Hickam FCU account instantly using a mobile phone. Yes, you heard me right. Now you can boost up your online banking experience using an iPhone or Android device. The mobile apps will enable you to get connected 24/7.  There are some additional features like,

  • Fast, Secure, & Convenient.
  • Check Account Balances.
  • Transfer Funds.
  • Pay Bills & Make Loan Payments.
  • Review Transactions.
  • Locate available ATM or Branch.

Head over to Frequently Asked Questions for better understanding.

Additionally, you can use it anywhere, anytime plus there are no hidden charges to this facility. All you need is to install Hickam FCU app on your iPhone or Android device. Secondly, enter your login credentials and enjoy the ease of access to your bank account. The following links will take you to Play Store or iTunes App page respectively.

Although Hickam FCU mobile apps are under constant development. They might not be very responsive at times. But remember that’s way better than standing in a long queue for paying a bill or checking your account balance. Once a good number of members will be using this app, HFCU will make it worth using. By adding extra features or materializing design.

But that won’t happen until you start boosting Hickam FCU mobile banking experience today. And let us know how you feel about it in the comments below!

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