Hide your ‘Active’ status on Facebook Messenger on Android devices [How to guide]

Lots of people were not happy that Facebook introduced its standalone Facebook Messenger with which users would end up communicating with each other because it introduced whole new step of having to install a new app on your smartphone or open up a new browser window.

Hide your ‘Active’ status on Facebook Messenger on Android devices [How to guide]

Another annoying thing about the Facebook Messenger app for Android devices is that the app will always let your friends know when you are active, which will cause them to leave you messages or disturb you when you want to be by yourself. Well, we have a workaround for that, and we are going to be detailing it for you right here.

How to hide your ‘Active’ status on Facebook Messenger?

When you send a message to a contact over Facebook Messenger, it shows you whether or not that person is active. If that person is inactive, it shows you for how long ago they were away. To disable this feature, you can follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and go to the ‘People’ tab.
  2. The People tab has two tabs of its own; All and Active.
  3. The ‘All’ tab will show you message requests, and lets you access your scan code, find contacts from your phone, and invite people to Facebook Messenger.
  4. Below these four options, you will be able to see a list of all your contacts.
  5. The ones that will have a green dot next to their name are currently active on Facebook Messenger.
  6. The Active tab is where you can view a list of contacts that are currently active and this is where you can turn your own ‘Active’ indicator off.
  7. If you can see a switch next to your name, simply turn it off.
  8. Now your contacts will never be able to find out when or how long ago you were active.
  9. Unfortunately, you too will not be able to see the ‘Active’ status of your friends so it will work both ways.

This is a great way to hide yourself from your pesky friends on Facebook Messenger, especially if they continue to throw messages of all kinds to you privately.

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