The Hottest Gadgets from CES 2017

Consumers Electronics Show or ‘CES’ is the biggest tech-related event on the planet. It is held in January every year. Different companies showcase their new products or concept products for the public to check out. These range from smartphones to cameras to cars to even washing machines and TVs. Essentially, everything even remotely related to tech is showcased every year by hundreds of companies at CES.

What CES means for an average consumer is that it drives the industry to be more competitive and thus better for everyone. Every year, thousands of products put on the floor of CES but only a few are actually good and worth your time so, today we have compiled a list of the most popular gadgets and tech available at CES this year.

Best Laptops

Razer Project Valerie

Razer presented a cool concept called Valerie. Basically, it is a Razer Blade Pro at its core but features 3 displays instead of the single one found on the basic model. Each one of these three display is a 17.3-inch 4k resolution panel which results in a total resolution of 11,520×2160. The screens on the side fold behind the center display nicely and then it can then be carried and put in a backpack as a regular laptop.

Project Valerie is also fitted with a full desktop sized GTX1080 graphics card to give smooth frame rates at even the 12k resolution. The only drawback of this concept is that it is still isn’t finalized and may never be produced for sale.

Acer Predator 21 X

This Gaming laptop is the stuff of dreams. It packs a lot of hardware into a relatively good package, and the good news is that you will be able to buy it in February. It costs $9,000 and weighs about 20 pounds. The specs include a Core i7 7820 HK, 64 gigabytes of ddr4 RAM, 2 GTX1080s in SLI, 1TB SSD as well as a 1TB Hard Drive. The screen is a 21-inch curved panel with a resolution of 2560×1080 and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

What is interesting is that the laptop has 5 fans, 9 internal heat pipes and needs 2 charging adapters for power. All this hardware means that you can easily overclock both the CPU and the GPUs. Port selection includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet, a Thunderbolt 3 port, 2 DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0. It is essentially the BIGGEST, HEAVIEST gaming laptop ever made.

LG Gram

LG showcased the new updated version of LG Gram, which is the first and lightest laptop in the world weighing exactly 980 grams. Available in 13-inch and 15 display. LG still haven’t confirmed the release date yet but it is super incredible laptop which caught our attention during the CES 2017.

Best TVs

Every year, almost all the great companies release their new TV models at CES. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones showcased this year.


OLED panels have the best picture quality and are extremely thin. These can also be curved into the desired shape. This year, LG has decided to make a bezel-less and chassis-less TV with a thickness of just 0.1-inch. It is essentially just like wallpaper that you can just on the wall wherever you want. All the processing is handled by the Dolby Atmos equipped sound bar which is connected to the TV using just a single ribbon cable. The price for this fantastic piece of tech is very high, though, as just buying the TV will set you back around $8,000.

Sony A1E

Sony has released their first OLED TV with the name of A1E. The panel is made by LG so the quality should be excellent. Apart from this, Sony has completely removed the speakers from the TV because as the TVs are getting thinner and thinner, there is no place left to place decent sounding speakers in the chassis. However, Sony has come up with a unique solution to this problem. What they are doing is that they’ve essentially made the screen into a giant speaker with 4 actuators helping to make the glass vibrate. There is also a subwoofer at the back which the part of the TV’s stand. This is done to provide a more surround sound effect than usual.

Best Camera

Panasonic GH5

The GH4 was one of the loved cameras of the last generation. All-new GH5 has been improved a lot. There are 2 SD card slots so you can store more footage. The GH5 also features 4k recording at 60 fps. Also, the biggest news is that the 30 min recording limit is removed so you could theoretically record for as long as you want as long as there is battery remaining and there is built-in image stabilization as well for those buttery smooth shots. The new camera will be available for $2,000 in April.

Best Monitors

Last year, trends were about 4k monitors and in 2017 things might look different as we already had one 5K display from Lg and now 8K from Dell.

Dell UP3218K

It’s here! The world’s first 8k monitor will be available to consumers later this year. The monitor features a 32-inch panel with full sRGB colors, and the color space can also manually be changed according to your requirements. 2 DisplayPort 1.3s are required to drive this panel as the number of pixels is too large. For this reason, you will need one of the latest Quadro GPU from Nvidia as those are the only GPUS available currently with DisplayPort 1.3 outputs. If you want the best resolution for your work, then this monitor is definitely made for you.

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