How to Track Your Car and Lost Items Using All-In-One Tracker Solution

How often do you forget where you parked your car when you were shopping? What if you lost your car and you urgently need to track its location? And you may want to track location of your children? Where do they drive, what locations do they visit frequently. Are there any restricted locations for them?

Daily you’ll have to deal with some of the above mentioned cases. You’re not alone! Many of us have to deal with these problems but good news is that, every problem has a solution. Entrepreneurs do look for these kind of problems and one of the startup has come up with a car tracker. Unlike GPS trackers and other expensive tracking services this product will help you to get a car tracking service a lot cheaper. I am sure you’ve been looking for it to save some money and at the same time avail the best tracker.

Tracking your vehicle is really simple with this small piece of tech. Tracker comes with an advanced tracking app for iOS and Android users to navigate the exact location of your car without wasting your time and energy. You can not only track your car but your most valuable items such as phone, keys, bag and even your pets. Isn’t that awesome to track everything with this piece of gadget.


Did you know? You can also track family members using the AT&T FamilyMap app.

The Best Tracker for Your Car is Here

A number of trackers have been released in the last 2 years by startups who have raised investment through the Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Most of the popular one are Tile and TrackR bravo. Basically both do the same work and almost have similar design and size.

You can watch the short video how TrackR bravo is used for tracking your car.

Here is another review video Tile Vs TrackR bravo features comparison by Recode:

By end of the video you should have got pretty good idea, which one is the best suits for your needs.


Let me tell you the conclusion is simple words, by looking at both products. Both uses Crowd GPS technology, where you can ask other people using the same tracker to find your things if you mark something lost. It will send out a signal that anyone can find using an app nearby so you can see where it was last found. TrackR bravo wins over Tile by its aluminum build and design which makes it more durable as compare to Tile which is plastic. In terms of price, Tile is $5 cheaper but then you’ll have to look at the durability of TrackR bravo.

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