Play Nintendo DS Games on iOS 10 (No Jailbreak) NDS4iOS


NDS4iOS is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for iPhone, iPad or even an iPod touch. It enables an iOS device to run Nintendo games very smoothly even at full speed settings. It is ported from a multi-platform iOS emulator i.e. DeSmuME. To deliver a better Nintendo DS emulation interface.

NDS4iOS is fully compatible with the following iOS versions and doesn’t require Jailbreak:

  • iOS 9
  • iOS 9.1
  • iOS 9.2
  • iOS 9.3
  • iOS 10
  • iOS 10.1
  • iOS 10.1.1

To start playing Nintendo DS games on iPhone, first, you need to download and install signed NDS4iOS on iOS. Secondly, you need to load your favorite ROMs. To make things easier, this step by step guide will help you a lot.

Install NDS4iOS on Non-Jailbroken iOS Device:

STEP 1: Plug in the following web address: ( ) in Safari web browser OR use this one ( ) if the previous one fails to get signed.

STEP 2: Select the red Install option on the top right of the screen, and confirm two more prompts to begin downloading NDS4iOS.

STEP 3: If downloading begins normally, skip (Step 4), (Step 5), (Step 6) and jump right over to (Step 7).

STEP 4: If it fails to download in (Step 3) Try to plug this ( ) web address into Safari.

STEP 5: Navigate to App page and scroll down to find NDS4iOS app, hit touch when you find it.

STEP 6: Select Install option on the next pop up and confirm any more prompts to install this app.

STEP 7: When its installed nicely, navigate to (Settings > General > Profile) in iOS 9 and iOS 9.1. If your iOS version is 9.2 or above, navigate to (Settings > General > Device Management).

STEP 8: Find the newly added profile and tap it to confirm the Trust options.

STEP 9: Congratulations, You successfully installed the Nintendo DS Emulator on iOS.

Now let’s find some of your favorite NDS4iOS ROMs to load and enjoy playing games.  

Load NDS4iOS ROMs on iOS Device:

STEP 1: Download your favorite ROMs on a PC. Check out LOVEROMS or DOPEROMS.

STEP 2: Launch iTunes and connect your iOS device to PC.

STEP 3: Select your device in iTunes navigation bar and switch to Apps section.

STEP 4: Get over to File Sharing area and select NDS4iOS from the app list.

STEP 5: Select ROMs on your PC with .nds file extension that you downloaded before.

STEP 6: Now Drag & Drop those .nds files into NDS4iOS Documents area on iTunes.

STEP 7: Enjoy it’s all done 🙂 Get back to the emulator app, and you will find all the games in ROM List menu.

Hope you got it well enough. Please feel free to ask anything in the comments below.

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