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iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7: Is It Worth the Upgrade Or To Wait for iPhone 8?


Upgrading iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 is a tough decision to make. As Apple’s sales have dropped by 7.7% since iPhone 7’s launch. Although it’s redesigned with some cool flagship features but remember it’s the first time we are even discussing either to buy Apple’s latest gadget. When it’s iPhone’s 10th Anniversary next year, Apple might change everything with iPhone 8.

You might be wondering, either to upgrade or wait for Apple’s Anniversary update til 2017. If you don’t like to hold on, let’s tear it down by comparing iPhone 6s to 7.

iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 7: What’s New?


Much hyped 3 mm headphone jack removal might be a problem, but Apple’s shipping iPhone 7 with lightning to 3 mm adapter. The dual stereo sound system is a great addition, way better than the mono compatible iPhone 6s. Apple’s convincing us to stay wireless with it’s lightning air pods, but most of us aren’t happy.

Water Resistant

IP67 certified iPhone 7 would survive water drop for 30 mins and it’s also dustproof. It’s nothing new for other flagship devices, but iPhone 6s wasn’t waterproof officially. Make sure never to try sinking iPhone 7 allegedly, as Apple won’t cover water damage under warranty.

Home Button

A conventional home button is replaced by a 3D touch button with more functionalities. We got so used to previous iPhones that it feels totally different. So no more pressing anymore, it feels more sensitive with a haptic nudge. But make sure to avoid gloves this winter, or it might not work better in that case.

Old fashioned design with some dark new colors!

iPhone 7 is visually similar to iPhone 6s or even 6. You might have observed it well enough. But what’s better than some new colors? Two new blackish shades have replaced the old fashioned space gray. A matte black which feels like a premium color and a glossy jet black which might display fingerprints or wears in no time. Rear camera bump has gone wider, and those sexy white strips did get smaller, but rest is all the same.

When Apple secretly uses same old LCD again!

It feels like Apple had a bulk quantity of iPhone 6s displays left over, as it’s all just the same in iPhone 7! Only a minor increase in brightness and color gamut was observed. Where other flagships are ahead of 4K resolutions with higher PPI’s. O-LED’s are expected to hit iPhone 8 next year.


Why on Earth do they clock a Processor?

From A9 dual core to A10 quad core chips, there’s a lot improvement in performance and graphics. Apple A10 Fusion is an intelligent processor that consumes low power as of Apple A9 in iPhone 6. Although both will run Apple’s latest iOS 10, but iPhone 7 will definitely be more responsive and battery efficient. Whereas 2 GB Ram tradition is well maintained by Apple, hope it gets better in 2017.


What’s better than a brighter Camera?

The rear camera has a better aperture of f/1.8 now, which means better pictures under low light. The addition of optical image stabilization will boost image quality in nonideal conditions. The conventional 12 MP sensor remains the same but with a quad-LED flash. Whereas, secondary camera is upgraded from 5 MP to 7 MP in iPhone 7. Which means better selfies and HD Facetime will be the result.


Who doesn’t love more Battery Juice?

Apple has added a bit more juice of 245 mAh to iPhone 7 battery. Where, A10 Fusion chips are more battery efficient as compared to A9. This will definitely result in approximately 2 hours of more battery life. The battery is a key for most of us and the older it is, the least efficient it becomes. iPhone 6s will obviously outperform iPhone 7 in this case. As what’s better than a faster phone with more power in it.


Now I can Store everything!

iPhone 6s base model began from a 16 GB model, which was a big problem. With iPhone 7, Apple redefined the storage options starting from a minimum of 32 GB up to 256 GB. We don’t have a card slot yet, but that’s ok as we are used to it. The prices do highly vary according to storage options.


I don’t have the money, do you?

On Apple Store iPhone 7 32 GB variant is available for $649, whereas the 128 GB variant can cost $749. Coming towards iPhone 6s discounted prices for 32 GB model are $549 and $649 for 128 GB version. You might have bought it costlier as prices went low for iPhone 6s by the release of iPhone 7. If you have a custom carrier plan, you are way better off. But for now, let’s assume, there’s only a $100 real difference in price tags.

iPhone 6s vs. iPhone 7: Final Verdict

To be or not to be ? Have you made your mind yet ? If not, let me break it down further to some key reasons to upgrade iPhone 6s to iPhone 7 and vice versa,

Top Reasons To Upgrade From iPhone 6s to iPhone 7:

  • Better build quality with water and dust resistance will ensure more durability.
  • Dual stereo speakers are not only louder but clearer & trust me you won’t miss headphone jack anymore.
  • You will fall in love with the all new Jet & Matte: Black colors.
  • Faster processor and more battery efficiency mean you are going to get more productive with iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 will brighten your photography and selfies will become HD.
  • Storage up to 256 GB will add extra space for everything in your life.
  • It’s always better to stay upgraded to stand out loud and firm!

Top Reasons To Wait for iPhone 8 Instead:

  • iPhone 7 is very similar to iPhone 6s in design that means it wasn’t well planned at all.
  • Water & Dust Resistance might sound great, but iPhone 6s also passed some unofficial water resistance tests.
  • The virtual home button is sometimes less responsive as compared to iPhone 6s home button.
  • The display quality and size are the same, feels like both have same LCD panels inside.
  • A10 Fusion is a quad core processor, but it’s clocked to minimum settings in iPhone 7. It might not be clocked in iPhone 8.
  • Apple’s insane price tags are nothing new plus the immediate drop in resale is worst.
  • Upgrade from iPhone 6s to iPhone 8 will definitely bring some greatest changes. It’s iPhone’s Anniversary a few months later, so save your money for the greatest iPhone release!

Hope you have made a wise decision by now, do let us know about it in comments below! 

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