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iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Pricing To Start At $999 For The Base Line Model

It was previously expected that the iPhone XS will feature a comparatively lower price compared to last year’s iteration of the device. While the iPhone XS was expected to come at a price of $799, the bigger iPhone XS Max would be priced at $999, the same as the current iPhone X. However, it seems that another analyst thinks differently. For every new release, it looks as if the prices have increased a little. There are also predictions made for the 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD and how much it will cost.

New Predictions From Analyst Suggests iPhone XS Baseline Model Will Start At $999

Analyst Wamsi Mohan from the Bank of America has anticipated that the 2018 iPhone lineup will be charged marginally higher than what we previously heard. The Wall Street estimates were a little lower than the current trend in pricing models so it will be interesting to see where does this year’s iPhone stack up.

According to the analyst, the 6.1-inch LCD model of the 2018 iPhone will carry a price tag of $799. The iPhone XS will be priced at $999 and the plus-sized variant of the device, the iPhone XS Max will cost you $1,049.

“iPhone pricing is likely higher than embedded in consensus. Although investor expectations are for some moderation in pricing for 2019 models, we expect Apple to continue to price the iPhones for value, which should drive upside to consensus estimates.”

It’s true that Apple is bringing two new models of the iPhone which will feature the new design. In this regard, the analyst believes that customers would be willing to pay more for the larger device. However, we also have to take in mind that this year will be an ‘S’ branded upgrade. So despite having a larger device, there is no new design coming this year.

Apple will kill the iPhone X when the iPhone X Plus officially launches

It’s all in the rumors for now and we will know the pricing model for sure at Apple’s big Gather Round iPhone event which is set to take place on September 12. The LCD variant of the iPhone will also allow the company to take in more profits as it is a new device and the company would be opening itself to new markets.

Even if Apple sells fewer units of the iPhone this year, it will still be able to absorb more revenue due to the average selling price or ASP. While the previous report was much appealing, we will have to wait and watch what the company has planned for users.

What are your predictions?


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