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Loapi: The malware that is capable of destroying of your smartphone, literally

Researchers at Kaspersky have called Loapi a ‘jack of all trades’ because of what it is capable of doing to your smartphone. In short, Loapi is capable of destroying your phone to the extent that you will be able to see the battery deform and bulge out of the device eventually, according to a test that was carried out.

Loapi: The malware that is capable of destroying of your smartphone, literally

Loapi is new Android Trojan and has a complicated modular architecture that is capable of performing multiple attacks to such an extent that it can destroy the phone within two days. These researchers have said that the cybercriminals behind this malware are the same responsible for the 2015 Android malware Podec. Given below is the explanation provided by what Loapi is capable of doing.

“Loapi is an interesting representative from the world of malicious Android apps. Its creators have implemented almost the entire spectrum of techniques for attacking devices: the Trojan can subscribe users to paid services, send SMS messages to any number, generate traffic and make money from showing advertisements, use the computing power of a device to mine cryptocurrencies, as well as perform a variety of actions on the internet on behalf of the user/device. The only thing missing is user espionage, but the modular architecture of this Trojan means it’s possible to add this sort of functionality at any time.”

If you are going to be making an attempt to get rid off of Loapi, you will need to boot into safe mode. If this method is not followed, Loapi-infected apps will repeatedly close the ‘Settings’ window so users cannot deactivate admin privileges. The process to boot into Safe Mode differs from one smartphone model to another so refer to the user manual on how to get this done.

Be extremely grateful that Loapi has not made it to the official Google Play Store, which means that users who download from the official app store are not affected by the malware.

Still, you will need to be vigilant because the Android OS already has very poor security.


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