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Are you losing interest in an iPhone? This survey shows that you are not alone in this matter

Apple finally introduced larger iPhone models in 2014 with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but that design has been unchanged for practically years now. In 2017, we were finally graced with a newly designed iPhone X, but even that has not helped develop an interest in iPhones, according to the latest research.

Are you losing interest in an iPhone

A new survey by Wall Street research firm Cowen has detailed its findings to the public, showing that current iPhone users in America that want to upgrade to a new iPhone have decreased in number considerably.

“iPhone appeal moderating across the industry. When asked ‘what kind of cell phone do you think you will get with your next upgrade/purchase,’ the percent of postpaid respondents at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon selecting iPhone moderated vs. last quarter while at the same time just 80.5% of postpaid respondents who already have an iPhone indicated they will get one with their next upgrade/purchase, which was near the lowest levels since conducting our survey and was down from 87.6% last quarter. The moderating interest seems to reflect the higher price of the iPhone X and/or lack of compelling new features as the new iPhones collectively appear to have had only limited impact on C4Q17 sales.”

The iPhone X carries a highly expensive $999 price tag and by making a few compromises, the buyer can opt for something cheaper that will last them for a couple of years, such as a OnePlus 5T. Fortunately, new rumors have said that the new iPhone lineup is going to be much cheaper due to the abundance of the components at hand.

It might also be possible that Apple plans to get rid of the old iPhone smartphone design completely and shift to an ‘all iPhone X’ family where even the LCD version of the device gets a near bezel-less display.

Perhaps that might be enough to spark the fire back in consumers.


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