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Ming-Chi Kuo Claims No Virtual Fingerprint Sensor Will Be Embedded In The Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy S9 and its bigger version, the Galaxy S9+ has launched a few days ago. The devices pack a boatload of new features and additions which the Galaxy S lineup previously did not feature. However, there is also a bevy of aspects which Samsung has brought on from last year’s Galaxy S duo. To be precise, the overall design element of the Galaxy S9 is pretty much the same as the company had introduced last year. We’re not saying that the design was flawed, it indeed featured a great design and a great display as well. However, the hot news today would surround the Galaxy Note 9, which is the next big thing coming from Samsung.

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Galaxy Note 9 Not To Incorporate An On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor

While details have been short at this time of the month, we can be sure that the company will improve it further. To my personal view and understanding, Samsung would carry the design of the Galaxy Note 8 to this year’s Galaxy Note 9. This is due to the fact that it will be the Note’s ninth anniversary and the company will save major updates for 2019. However, the word is not official and realty could always differ.

What we’re hearing now is that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 will not feature a virtual fingerprint reader beneath the display. There seem to be several difficulties in the procedure and several limitations that would be ensured by the end users. The report comes from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities and it’s well credible to be taken seriously.

The issue seems to be that fingerprint sensor under the display is shown to work, but having screen protectors on display cuts it. This is the limitation that users would have to face. If Samsung implements the virtual fingerprint recognition, then users would have to restrain themselves from putting a screen protector on the display fo the smartphone. This would kill the intended purpose of the virtual fingerprint reader.

If the words of the analyst are to be believed or hold credible, we will not see an on-screen fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Note 9. We will share more details on the Galaxy Note 9 in the near future, so do stay tuned.

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