Ultimate list of 27 best Kodi addons and plugins 2017

Kodi (XBMC free open source media player)

Do you want a home theater for free? Are you ready to stream media from different sources? Kodi is the open-source software that brings entertainment to your home. It enables you to enjoy videos, TV programs, movies, live TV, sports, Android features, and much more. All you have to do is install it and enjoy […]

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Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Wallpapers Here

Are you tired of repeating the same wallpapers on your phone? Does the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 excite you? Samsung has made yet another addition to its S series today, and everyone is going crazy over its release. You must have heard a lot of rumors prior to its launch, but since it’s in […]

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How to use Link2SD

Have you seen that “insufficient memory” message whenever you download an app or game on your android phone? You aren’t alone. Most of the Android users face the low memory problem because the budget Android devices aren’t enough for your downloading needs. Also, the more you install (even under the available capacity), the slower your […]

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Best Motherboards for Gaming 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

A gaming-oriented motherboard has to be picked carefully as it will have a direct impact on how much power you can extract out of your core components such as the CPU, GPU, and RAM. We will look into enthusiast, budget and the bare essential type of motherboards that will give you the maximum output depending […]

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Samsung CF791 Ultra-Wide Curved Quantum dot Gaming Monitor Review

We are witnessing an evolution of display technology in 2017. The trends are shifting from conventional flat panels to the curved display options. Either it’s a TV, Smartphone, or even a Monitor. Professionals and gamers are adapting to curved visions. With that said, the future looks too curvy! Now that’s when emotionally intelligent manufacturers like […]

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10 Best portable chargers to buy in 2018

We do have everything in the latest gadgets instead of an unlimited battery life. That’s when a need for a portable charger jumps. Because smartphones take care of our personal work well enough, we can’t stay offline even for a while. Most flagship smartphones batteries even don’t last for 24 hours because of the QWHD […]

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