Philips’ New Curved Gaming Monitor offers Big Screen on a Budget

CES 2017 was a great event for us consumers in that it resulted in manufacturers pushing the boundaries and releasing new and innovative products. Some examples include the Dell 8k monitor and LG’s wallpaper TV. However, a problem with these devices is that these are either mostly just concepts or very expensive for a regular person to buy. Keeping this in mind, Philips has introduced a new 40” curved monitor which is the first one of this size to hit the market.

The monitor has a resolution of 2840×2160, and the IPS panel has wide 178-degree viewing angles. It also offers Philips’s own Flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain as well as a vertical alignment technology to show more vivid images with deeper contrast ratio.

It features a multi-display screen to allow 4 inputs to be displayed side by side using its picture-by-picture feature. This makes it easy for us to use it as a security monitor for a control room and such. A picture-in-picture mode is also included which lets you watch TV and play your favorite games side by side.

The new BDM4037UW has a clean and simple design. Fours inputs can be used simultaneously which can be connect using a combo of HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, MHL, VGA and the two built-in DisplayPorts.

The display has a 60Hz refresh rate through the DisplayPort which might be a drawback for some. 4 USB 3.0 ports are included one of which has fast charging feature as well. 2 powerful speakers also include which provide immersive sound experience while gaming on the big 40-inch curved display.

The all new BDM4037UW is available for just $625. This is an excellent deal especially considering the fact that this is the first 40-inch curved monitor which a wide array of features.

If you ask us, though, this is the best monitor in this price range as it offers the 4k resolution, multiple inputs, picture-by-picture mode and a curved panel. These features also allow the screen to be used as a fully functional TV.

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