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Razer Phone Officially Available For Order, Are You Willing To Pay $699 For A Gaming Phone?

This month, Razer took the announcement of its brand new gaming smartphone to stage. While the smartphone was in living in the rumor mill for a long time, we were glad when we saw all the rumors come to life. Now, the company has officially launched its Razer phone in the United States and we’ll tell you how you can order it. Since the device is oriented towards gamers, the Razer Phone does feature high-end specifications which would bolster the performance. Apart from the device being an intriguing daily driver, the Razer Phone has a lot more to offer.


Razer Phone Now Available Officially In The United States

When the smartphone was first announced to the general public, the only option available for interested users was to input their email address for any communication needs regarding the release. Now all of the registered users have received an email that not only details order confirmation but also gives a notice that the device is ‘Preparing for Shipment’.

However, there are still a lot of considerations to be made before you head to the company’s website and order your share. The Razer Phone is available to users in the United States and costs $699 downright. In addition to this, it also ships with a 12-month limited warranty program. So if you hurry now, you have the option available to avail it.

Are You Up For The Design?

If you’re still taking into account all the heft in the bezels, do not be alarmed about the design aesthetics of the smartphone. The huge bezels at the head and chin of the device are there for a reason. According to the manufacturer of the smartphone, the handset boasts a 24-bit AC DAC which is why the bezels were a necessity.

Moreover, we have already seen reviews sketching that the Razer Phone features one of the best front-facing speakers on the market. In addition to this, it also features a dedicated dual amplifier system to enhance audio quality. There’s basically no comparison of the device when it comes to the sound and its quality.

How About The Processing Power And A Gorgeous Display?

If you’re concerned about the specs before you order your phone, the Razer Phone houses a Snapdragon 835 to keep up will all the processing power. The latest SoC is also coupled with 8GB of RAM for a faster performance. This will bring a smoother gaming experience to the device unlike any other smartphone on the market.

Furthermore, one of the best features to be part of the device is its 120Hz IGZO display panel. This makes the Razer Phone the world’s first Android smartphone to house a 120Hz panel, making it a standard for other manufacturers to follow. There’s also a dual 12-megapixel camera setup at the back and much more which you would definitely love.


As for the availability, there are no carrier options provided so you have to pay the full price of $699 to get your hands on the new smartphone. However, does the price justify your needs of having a $700 smartphone for just gaming purposes?

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