Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos SM-G9209

Xda developer, Chainfire has finally rooted the Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos, follow the step-by-step guide to root your phone using Odin.

Samsung has officially started releasing Android Marshmallow which a bit early, I guess! Chainfire has also released cf-auto root kernel compatible with the latest Android version. It is the only and one of the easiest method to get root access, but the downside is it trip Knox counter and voids warranty, but you always gets benefits of rooting by gaining root access to your device.

How to root Galaxy S6 Duos

Getting Started:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 model number SM-G9209.
  • It is always recommended to backup your S6, even though rooting your phablet does not wipe data.
  • Download Cf-auto root zip package for your phone.
  • You also need to install Samsung driver on your PC.
  • Go to Phone Settings>Developers Options and Enable USB debugging.

Root Instructions:

Step 1: First of, extract the file to a new folder on your desktop.

Step 2: Next Reboot your phone into Download Mode, pressing and holding the Volume Down+Home+Power buttons at the same time till you see a warning on your screen. Press the Vol up button to continue.

Step 3: Connect your phone to PC via the USB cable.

Step 4: Leave the default Odin settings.

Step 5: Finally hit the AP/PDA button, browse and select the CF-auto rooted kernel file and hit the START to flash the kernel.

Step 6: Once completed, Odin will notify you via the PASS!! message in Odin and at this stage your phone will automatically reboots.

Step 7: Once normally booted, Check that SuperSU has been installed. To verify root access, Open Google Play app on your phone and install “Root Checker“. When installed, run it to make sure your phone is rooted.

Congratulations!! Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos has successfully been rooted running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

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