How to root Verizon Galaxy S6 SM-G920V Without Tripping Knox

The step-by-step Android root guide will help you to root Samsung Galaxy S6 with the model number SM-G920V without tripping the Samsung Knox counter. It is very rare to find a method that would not trip the knox warranty. Most of the root methods available for Galaxy S6 does it but thanks to the PingPong root developer who has made it possible to root your device.

Please note that Samsung will always release new firmware updates as a security measure to keep away users from rooting their devices. Therefore the PingPong Root only works and compatible with the build numbers G920VVRU1AOC3. Make sure that you do have that build number, You can check yours by going to Settings > About device > Build number.

Did you know? You can also downgrade firmware on your device using Odin. We have already covered this in our recent guide, how to downgrade firmware version on Samsung Galaxy.

Please note that the same exact steps and rooting app can be used to root Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925V running the build number G925VVRU1AOC3.

How to root Verizon Galaxy S6 SM-G920V

Root Verizon Galaxy S6

Ping Pong root is very easy to use app that can root your device, this guide will help you how to use Ping Pong root on the Galaxy S6 SM-G920V. Here is the procedure to root Verizon Galaxy S6:

Step 1: Download and install the pingpongroot_beta5.1.apk on your S6 [4.0 MB].

Step 2: Once installed successfully, launch pingpong root app to install the SuperSU app.

Step 3: After installing the SuperSU, launch to update binary files which will grant and manage root permissions to apps on your Android system.

Please note that while launching the SuperSU you may get an error message. All you have to do is exit back to PingPong Root.

Step 4: Finally tap on the get root button, and grant access permission to the app using SuperSU that we installed in step 3.

Please keep in mind If in case the device reboots during the process then you’ll need to repeat the the process once again.

Step 5: When completed, reboot your phone. After your boots you can uninstall the PingPong Root app.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully rooted the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can verify the root access by installing an app called root checker from Play store.

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