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Samsung Has Denied That It Has Not Copied Apple’s Animoji With 3D Emoji In Galaxy S9

In the Galaxy S9 and S9+ announcement, Samsung shared a lot of features which are new to this year. The flagship duo promises a wide range of features that are not present in the Galaxy S8 and its bigger variant. It can be said that Samsung takes its design cues from Apple. Don’t get us wrong, we only speak what we see. For instance, the 3D Emoji feature introduced with the Galaxy S9 and S9+ seems to rip off Apple’s Animoji feature on the iPhone X.

If you like it or not, that is your personal opinion and there’s no need for you to agree with us as well. Animoji has made quite an impression on users. It captures your facial expressions and then turns them into a neatly designed animated emoji. Same can be said for the 3D Emoji from Samsung. However, the Galaxy S9-maker does not seem to accept that the feature was taken from Apple’s playground.

Samsung Chief Denies Copying The iPhone X’s Animoji With 3D Emoji

As per the latest interview with The Wall Street Journal, DJ Koh, Samsung’s chief for Mobile division states that the company has not copied any feature from the iPhone X. In addition to this, he said that the idea to bring animated emoji to mobile dates back to 2001. This was the time the executive worked as the leading mobile R&D team at Samsung. While it seems pretty legit, it’s hard to believe that Samsung’s 3D Emoji has to arrive right next to Apple.

Probably Samsung had plans to incorporate the feature but it did not see fit to do so. Moreover, this is not the first time that Samsung has copied one of Apple’s features, there are plenty in the past as well. The same can be said about Apple as well, but the thing is Apple makes it look theirs, even though the feature is present on the market for a long time.

At the MWC 2018, Samsung also took numerous jabs at Apple and its latest iPhone X. This includes the hairline notch on the iPhone X. Moreover, the improved Infinity Display was contrasted indirectly with the iPhone X. Moreover, the fingerprint featured a more direct approach, situated at the back and which now also features a re-positioned space. Security was an important aspect covered as well, which you can check out in our in-detail announcement post of the Galaxy S9.

What do you think? Has Samsung copied Apple’s Animoji with its 3D Emoji?


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